GameRanks | BEST RANK UP/DOWN PLUGIN (1.7.10 - 1.10.X) 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT

This plugin will allow users to gain permissions/etc based on the ranks they upgrade or downgrade.

  1. J4D3N
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    A simple lightweight plugin, that allows individual players pay for switching ranks on a predetermined path configured by server administrators. This plugin will allow users to gain permissions based on their current rank, they can purchase rank ups from one simple command. This plugin is your best choice for a prison server because it lets the user change how much the player has to spend to rank up, permissions also stack up every rank so every rank up players do they gain more features.

    • Users can have prefixes and suffixes based on what rank they are.
    • You can assign permission groups to each rank.
    • You can also give players permissions manually depending on their rank.
    • All messages can be customized with ease of changing a simple language YAML file!
    • Easy to configure.
    • You can change the order of the ranks.
    Planned features:
    • Hierarchy system (different groups on different hierarchies).
    • PlayerRankEvent - called when player ranks up or down (warning, most non-API essential classes are obfuscated).

    Do you want to try newer builds? Use our Jenkins website ( to find future versions and updates for GameRanks.

    The per-rank permissions can be enabled in the config.yml file. The per-rank permissions works basically like it says. You can get permissions to rankup and rankdown. If you are A rank and don't have permission to rank up to B rank then you cannot rankup.

    Examples of these permissions:

    • /ranks [rank] - Lists all ranks and descriptions, you can specify what rank you want described.
    • /ranks [page number] - Lists all ranks by page, you can however specify a specific rank to get a detailed description of it shown by the above command usage.
    • /rank [player] - Tells the player their current rank or allows players to see other peoples ranks.
    • /rankdown [player] - Ranks down the player, refunding their rank and giving them a rank a tier below. Also allows users to rank down other players.
    • /rankup [player] - Ranks up the player by purchasing the next tier rank. Allows other users to rank up players.
    • /gameranks [help, version, reload] - Allows players to see the help text, also allows players to see version and administrators to reload the plugin configuration for any changes they make.
    • /setrank <rank> [player] - Allows the player to set other players ranks and their own by not specifying the player parameter.
    • gameranks.* - Allows access to all GameRanks features. [None]
    • gameranks.commands.setrank - Allows the player to set other players ranks to a specific rank and their own. [OP]
    • gameranks.commands.* - Allows access to all GameRanks commands (including admin permissions). [None]
    • gameranks.commands.ranks - Allows player to see all available ranks. [Default]
    • gameranks.commands.rank - Allows player to see their current rank. [Default]
    • gameranks.commands.rank.others - Allows player to see other players ranks. [OP]
    • gameranks.commands.rankup - Allows player to rank up to next tier by purchasing it using their player balance. [Default]
    • gameranks.commands.rankup.others - Allows player to rank up other players by paying for their rank up. [OP]
    • gameranks.commands.rankdown - Allows player to rank down to previous tier by refunding their current rank. [Default]
    • gameranks.commands.rankdown.others - Allows player to rank down other players, returning the refund to the ranked down player. [OP]
    • gameranks.commands.gameranks - Allows player to see the help text. [Default]
    • gameranks.commands.gameranks.version - Allows player to see GameRanks version. [Default]
    • gameranks.commands.gameranks.reload - Allows administrators to reload GameRanks configuration such as ranks and prices for example. [OP]
    • gameranks.commands.gameranks.* - Allows access to all "/gameranks" sub-commands including help, version and reloading plugin configuration. [None]
    • gameranks.rankup.<rank name> - Allows the player from the rank below to rankup to this rank (as long as per-rank permissions is enabled).
    • gameranks.rankup.* - Allows the player to rank up to any rank but this doesn't mean they are exempt from paying, they just are now able to rankup (this permission only applies if per-rank permissions is enabled).
    • gameranks.rankdown.<rank name> - Allows the player from the rank above to rankdown to this rank (as long as per-rank permissions is enabled).
    • gameranks.rankdown.* - Allows the player to rank down to any rank but this doesn't mean they will not get refunded, they just are now able to rankdown (this permission only applies if per-rank permissions is enabled).

    This plugin requires Vault with a permissions plugin (e.g. PermissionsEx) and a supporting economy plugin (e.g. CraftConomy) as well. The plugin will not start correctly without them, they are essential and will not be removed later or now. You can optionally include a chat plugin to enable the prefix and suffix support, otherwise the plugin will not affect the chat.

    This is the new version of the Bukkit originating plugin GameRanks, all issues should be directed towards this post.

    By downloading this software, you agree to the following terms of use:

    1. You will not redistribute this plugin. (re-upload/sending to others).
    2. You will not decompile this plugin (modification or copying source).
    3. You will not post requests for support or report issues on the reviews section.

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Recent Reviews

  1. emperor123
    Version: 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT
    Well, it's true, it is the best rank up plugin and in fact only one plugin when player can rank down (even with refund, beautiful and unique plugin!!!)

    But sadly, doesn't work with the economy plugin "coinage" ...
    other plugin "simple rankup" is working with the plugin "coinage"
    so it is possible to work with each other, but I wonder if's simple to repair for you :(
    1. J4D3N
      Author's Response
      I shall look into coinage support for you buddy. Thanks for the positive review.
  2. Tsuser
    Version: 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT
    All of the issues experienced in version 1.1.0 have now been resolved, everything is working now, so update and get the cool new features!
  3. Tsuser
    Version: 1.1.0
    Works well, does just what it advertises. Developer is planning on adding several cool new things soon too.
    1. J4D3N
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the positive review. :)
  4. foosratt
    Version: 1.0.9
    We have been using GameRanks for a few weeks now and have not seen any problems so far. We had some questions and comments and the developer was quick to respond which is always a good thing for a plugin.
    1. J4D3N
      Author's Response
      Thank you, I hope you keep enjoying the plugin and any future features are welcome.
  5. ProtoTypewriter
    Version: 1.0.8
    Changed my ranks for GM to 'B' and it was like cancer, it was a pain in the *** to remove...I had to delete all my user data for GM to fix it...
    1. J4D3N
      Author's Response
      You failed to contact the developer and rage rated this plugin because you didn't wait for a response that would easily fix your situation.