GameRanks | BEST RANK UP/DOWN PLUGIN (1.7.10 - 1.10.X) 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT

This plugin will allow users to gain permissions/etc based on the ranks they upgrade or downgrade.

  1. The Bugfix Update!

    Bugs patched:
    • Some, can't quite remember which ones. :)
    • Probably a performance increase.
    Features introduced:
    • Page listing on /ranks.
    • Added new command /setrank.
    • Added permissions per rank system.
  2. Bug Patch

    Bugs fixed in this update:
    • Problems with multi-world prefix and suffix support (untested, should work).
    • Some economy plugins will now load before this plugin, to prevent problems of load order errors.
  3. Quick Patch

    Bugs fixed in this update:
    • Used maps instead of arrays. I shouldn't assume maps are ordered, and using sorted maps seems unnecessary so I reverted back to an array.