GAppleCD - Create Cooldowns for Golden Apples! 1.5.3

Cooldown for Golden Apples, Unique for Each Golden Apple!

  1. Kozs
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Was built on MC Version 1.8.8 has been tested to work on 1.7.10 to LATEST (Download Early Version for 1.7)

    Don't want people to abuse Golden Apples?

    No need to worry anymore, this is the first version of this plugin and the intentions are to extend it.

    What features does this plugin contain?

    Features contain

    1. The ability to set if you want to add CD's for BOTH of the apples or CD unique for each apple (Enchanted/Non Enchanted)
    2. Change the messages via config file
    3. Ability to set WHEN the CD is enabled via Config
    4. Ability to change the CD's for each mode
    5. Ability to change the interval in which CD is detected for each mode.

    This plugin was made out of a request from earlier today. I hope I can continue providing free plugins! If you want any custom plugins please add my Discord(Natural Ice#1980) or msg me here!

    Mode 'Overlap' - Is when you consider both apples as one object to limit. You can disable overlap and a player can have a cooldown for Enchanted Apples, but still be able to eat normal golden apples.

    Download plugin
    Drop into plugins folder
    Run Server!
    Adjust Config.yml and simply reload!

    Help: Discord=Natural Ice#1980

    Example Config.YML:
    Code (Text):

    ## -------- Messages --------
    cooldown-message: '&cYou must wait &6%timeleft% &cseconds before eating another apple!'
    cooldown-begin-message: '&cYou have eaten &6%totalamt% &capples in &6%interval% &cseconds you must wait before eating!'

    ## ------ Enchanted Golden Apples Specifically
    enchanted-cooldown-message: '&cYou must wait &6%timeleft% &cseconds before eating another enchanted golden apple!'
    enchanted-cooldown-begin-message: '&cYou have eaten &6%totalamt% &6golden &capples in &6%interval% &cseconds you must wait before eating!'

    ##This setting will enable only Gapple-cooldown-seconds to work for both god apples
    ##If false the two gapples will be tracked by themself.
    overlap-applecount: true

    ##IF Overlap = true; settings
    total-cooldown-seconds: 45
    ##How many a user can eat in x amount of seconds before they get a total-cooldown from eating either apple
    total-trigger-amt: 3
    total-interval-seconds: 13

    ##IF Overlap = false; settings
    gapple-cooldown-seconds: 30
    enchanted-gapple-cooldown-seconds: 60

    ##How many apples does the user have to eat to get CD
    gapple-trigger-amt: 1
    ## How long does the user have to wait between eating gapple-tigger-amt
    ## Before he doesn't get a CD?
    ## Example: if John eats 2 apples in 10 seconds then they get 'gapple-cooldown-seconds'
    ## But if John eats 2 apples in 11 seconds then he doesn't get 'gapple-cooldown-seconds' cooldown.
    ## ----- How long does user have between eating trigger-amt to get detected (How FAST can they eat apples without CD)
    ## If 'gapple-trigger-amt' is 0 this setting is ignored.
    gapple-interval-seconds: 10
    ## If this setting was at 10 seconds and the trigger was at 2
    ## It would mean that if the user doesn't try to eat 3 apples in 10 seconds they won't get a CD.
    ## But if they tried to eat a third apple in the 10 seconds they ate the last one then they would get a CD.

    ## Same information as above, just for enchanted Golden Apples!
    enchanted-gapple-tigger-amt: 2
    enchanted-gapple-interval-seconds: 10

Recent Reviews

  1. SkiperMeow
    Version: 2.0
    Good plugin, but it isn't enought configurable. Add each apple cooldown begin message.
    1. Kozs
      Author's Response
      True, lets fix that