GapplePlus [Sound] v1.0

Drop a gapple on player death

  1. TheSt4lker


    • Drop a gapple on player death
    • Kill Sound - Sound List [Click]
    • Reload config
    • Gapple gives effect: Regeneration and absorption
    • Configurable effect ; level and time
    • Configurable sound
    • Configurable world disabled

    Code (Text):
    # GapplePlus - v1.0

    Enable: true
    - world_nether
    - world_the_end
    death_sound: BLAZE_DEATH
      absorption_time: 3
      absorption_level: 0
      regeneration_time: 3
      regeneration_level: 0
      reload: '[GapplePlus] Reload complete'
      noPerm: You do not have permission to use that command


    gplusreload - Reload the config




    Sorry about my English