Gates 2.2

Create advanced animated gates easily

  1. zmolahah
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    1. Download Skript. This works with 2.2
    2. Run your server to generate the Skript folder, go into the Skript scripts folder and add
    3. Use /sk reload gates
    Don't want these requirements? These plugins are only required for automated gates delete this part of the code to remove the requirement

    Video Demonstration:
    Gates v1

    Gates v2

    • Create a gate that can be animated to go up and down
    • Use a command to toggle a gate
    • Use a block that can be left clicked to toggle the gate
    • Use a block that can be right clicked to toggle the gate
    • Use a block that can be either left clicked or right clicked to toggle the gate
    • List gates that you have set
    • Delete gates that you have set with a simple command
    • Permission nodes for every feature
    • Toggle on and off gate creation for a gate
    • Allows you to toggle creation for multiple gates by using /gate <gate name>
    • Allows one click event to toggle multiple gates at once
    • Option to change the timer for the gate to go up and down
    • Option to set a cap for how many fences can be used for one gate
    • Option to set the default fence type
    • Option to set the default tool type
    • Change block types per gate
    • Remove blocks from gates by breaking the block
    • Remove any toggle blocks you have set
    • Make gates automatically open and close as a player walks into a certain area
    • Help menu to see commands and features (/gate help)
    • Paint specific parts of the gate. Enter gate selection and right click while holding a block and looking at a gate block to paint it what you are holding and left click to do the same for the close animation
    • /gate <gate name> = set points for a gate by placing a block
    • /gate = Clear gates mode so you no longer have to set points
    • /deletegate <gate name> = Permanently delete a gate and all of it's switches
    • /togglegate <gate name> = Toggle a gate
    • /gates = List all gates
    • /clickgate <right/left/both> <gate name> = Set a clickable left, right or both clicked block that will toggle the gate (look at the block then issue the command)
    • /gatetype <gate name> <block> = sets the block for a gate to animate. Resets all paint
    • /clickremover (gate) = removes all toggle blocks or a specific gates toggle blocks
    • /autogate <gate name> <radius> = Allows you to check the area around you and if someone is in the area the gate will open and if nobody is in the area the gate will close
    • /delautogate [<gate name>] = Deletes all auto gates or all auto gates connected to a specific gate
    • /autogates = Lists all auto gates currently active
    • /gateviewall = Shows all automated gates & gates
    • /gatehelp = Shows the help page
    Permission Nodes:
    • gate.add = Able to create gates and add on fences to already made gates
    • gate.remove = Able to delete already made gates
    • gate.toggle.command = Able to toggle a gate by using a command
    • gate.list = Able to list all active gates
    • = Allows you to set a block that can be clicked to toggle a gate
    • = Allows you to click gate toggle blocks that allow left & right clicks
    • = Allows you to click gate toggle blocks that allow left clicks
    • = Allows you to click gate toggle blocks that allow right clicks
    • gate.type = Allows you to set a block for a gate (enables /gatetype)
    • = Allows you to remove toggle blocks (enables /clickremover)
    • gate.automation = allows the use of /autogate
    • gate.automation.list = allows the use of /autogates
    • gate.automation.deletion = allows the use of /delautogate
    Review Me!
    Please take time to review this script. I've spent a lot of time trying to please and for better or worst I want to view your opinion! It's the best motivation for me to add new features :)

    1. I get an error when I reload the script "Possible name conflict of variables" - A: That's just a warning. Go to plugins>Skript>config>line 140>disable variable conflict warnings: true
    Having hundreds of automated gates could cause lag! I've coded it in a way to reduce as much lag as possible but I've only tested a few automated gates. Other than that there shouldn't be any lag with this script unless you make HUGE gates since your server will have to be placing/removing blocks but since it does it in a time span it's not a major issue unless your gates are thousands of blocks wide and you don't have a lot of Ram. Turning the time span to 0 seconds with huge gates could also be an issue since it will place and remove gates instantly

    As long as your gates don't have millions of blocks added and don't have hundreds of automated gates you should have no problems

    For legacy builds go here

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Recent Reviews

  1. Potato_IQ
    Version: 2.2
    really amazing script! well written and easy to use. very light weight on the server much better than other gate plugins I have used in the past. Still works in 1.16.1!
  2. FinnPat
    Version: 2.2
    I think it's a good script. Nevertheless, 1 error comes with me. Could you please help me with this?
    1. zmolahah
      Author's Response
      That's the new error warning message Bensku added to his version of Skript, it's just a warning doesn't actually do anything this script was made a long time ago and I stopped updating it, to fix the issue you can just go to the lines it says though and remove the quotation marks
  3. Raikas
    Version: 2.2
    Exellent! Very good for RPG servers. (PS. Thanks so much, i own a RPG server :D)
  4. TyTy1312
    Version: 2.2
    Terrible skript, doesnt work, your tutorial is terrible, please don't consider a career based on coding.
    1. zmolahah
      Author's Response
      It is outdated. Also this is Skript, a career based on 'skript' coding would be ridiculous lol
  5. JKGamerxD
    Version: 2.2
    Really exellent script, scripts dominating the world! okno xd, really coolest script, keep work! you have future!
  6. Haoiscoll
    Version: 2.0
    A pretty good script, would highly recommend to players who like animations, since this is considered an "animation" script.