GawdStats 1.0.2

Web Based Minecraft High Scores System

  1. coolv1994
    Want your players to be able to show off and compare their stats with other players?
    This is the solution for you.

    GawdStats is a 2 part system. The main part is the PHP web end.
    This is how you view you stats and achievements.
    The second part is the Minecraft plugin.

    What makes this plugin different then other stats plugins is that is does not register block place/break listeners, etc... reducing the strain on your server.
    Instead, as vanilla Minecraft already tracks these things, I instead upload the stats file Minecraft generated, process it on the web server, then store that in the database.

    By default players will have their data uploaded when they logout as long as it has been 4 hours since they last logged out. This is a cool-down method to reduce strain on the web server. The data is either synced by command or on logout. The cool-down time can be changed.

    - Minecraft Server
    - Web Server with PHP
    - MySQL Database

    You will only need to modify 2 files.
    Web/in.php - Open in Notepad and modify the top 2 settings to match those in the plugins configuration.
    Web/classes/SQL.php - Open in Notepad and modify the top 4 settings to your database connection settings.

    Note: The default web template is quite basic.

    Source on GitHub

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