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GBTP 1.0

Teleport your users anywhere in Great Britain

  1. TheFishyTeam
    GBTP is a free Spigot server plugin to teleport your users anywhere in Great Britain (aka The United Kingdom) by a postal code. Of course, you will still be inside Minecraft because the entire GB map has been imported.


    gb.postcode - navigating to anywhere on GB map by a postcode.

    • /gb - displaying command information
    • /gb <postcode> - teleporting you to the postcode and
    • /gb <postcode> <sign> placing a sign
      • Note that sign must be an identifier with no spaces, postcode cannot contain spaces either, it also needs to be complete.
    Dependencies on other plugins
    Essentials: it is mandatory to perform the teleport operations for non-op users.

    Known limitations
    • Apparently this plugin does not yet support maps other than GB / UK;
    • The GB map is more than 20GB therefore it is not recommended for you to import such a map to your server. Please refer your users to no1minecraft.com:25565, where a dedicated server `GB' is hosting the map;
    • The postcode has to be entered completely. We don't currently support GPS locations because most MCPC users are not mobile;
    Related information
    • Dedicated server at no1minecraft.com:25565;
    • The GB 2014 map is contributed from ordnancesurvey.co.uk;
    • A block in the map is 25m x 12m x 25m in real-life.