GChat | Chat System from a German Network with 20000 Slots | SKRIPT | ENGLISH 1.2

The Chat System from a German Netork with 20000 Slots remaked by me!

  1. tobimoriTv
    This is a chat system from the Gommunity for the Gommunity.
    I have remaked it and added a few functions!
    It was also, it is written in Skript.

    1. On the other chat, for each rank other chat Color (Adjustable in the config)
    2. Command and Chat Log
    3. Team Chat (Not BungeeCord) (also with Log) (/ tc <message>)
    4. Blocked words as swearwords, Advertising Server, etc., are by "*****" is replaced (but also logged)
    5. ClearChat (/ cc)
    TeamChatPrefix: &9TeamChat &8> <--- Prefixes for Commands
    ServerPrefix: &9Server &8>

    UserColor: &a
    PremiumColor: &6
    YouTuberColor: &5
    SupporterColor: &9 <--- Chat Colors
    ModColor: &c
    DevColor: &b
    AdminColor: &4
    ChatColor: &r

    PremiumPerms: gchat.premium
    YouTuberPerms: gchat.youtuber
    SupporterPerms: gchat.supporter <---- Perms for the Chat Colors
    ModPerms: gchat.moderator
    DevPerms: gchat.developer
    AdminPerms: gchat.admin

    TeamChatPerms: gchat.tc <--- Perms for TC and CC
    ChatClearPerms: gchat.cc

    BlockedWords: "fuck", "bitch", "l2p", "dick", "fuck you", "fuckyou", "eZ", "schwanz" and "fick" <---- Blocked Words
    BlockedMessage: **** <--- Replaced Message


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  1. MysiczHD
    Version: 1.2
    kannst du noch den builder hinzufügen?
    1. tobimoriTv
      Author's Response
      Danke für deine 5 Sterne, mir fällt gerade ein, das ich den vergessen habe. Aber da das Skript nicht mehr weiterentwickelt wird, denke ich du könntest es machen. Ist eigentlich leicht :) Wenn du Hilfe brauchst adde mich in Skype: official.tm.mc