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The main library for all GuillaumeVDN's plugins [1.7-1.15]

  1. PyrCore v6.0.6-BETA

    Please use DISCORD to get support, it's way faster ! The link is on the plugin page :)

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    Changelog for QuestCreator v3.1.0-BETA :

    - Updated wiki with permissions and added a categories tutorial page.

    - Updated test server.

    - Added : integration for QuantumRPG (previously DivineItemsRPG), new object 'SERVER_QUANTUMRPG_ITEM_GIVE', new condition 'QUANTUMRPG_ITEM'. (snapshot) (suggested by FutureZ)

    - Added : integration for RacesOfThana, new condition 'RACESOFTHANA_RACE'. (snapshot) (suggested by HolyJordyn)

    - Improved : renamed condition HEROES_CLASS to HEROES_CLASS_LEVEL and added value/operation settings. (snapshot) (suggested by _Anglis)

    - Improved : renamed condition HEROES_SKILL to HEROES_SKILL_LEVEL and added value/operation settings. (snapshot) (suggested by _Anglis)

    - Improved : you can now remove the 'back_item' setting in 'guis.yml' if you don't want to use it. (tested) (suggested by Matrikx)

    - Fixed : text MSG_QUESTCREATOR_ONLYLEADERDIVERGE wasn't replacing variables correctly. (snapshot) (reported by climeno)

    - Fixed : activator with type 'BLOCK' wasn't loading properly. (snapshot)

    - Fixed : location settings were saving useless settings. (snapshot) (reported by Crowning)

    - Fixed : some problems with category activators NPC and BLOCK. (tested) (reported by Matrikx, _Anglis)

    - Potentially fixed : SkillAPI events weren't detected correctly. (snapshot) (reported by Ing1011)

    - Potentially fixed : object PLAYER_CHAT had problems with chat formatting plugins. (snapshot) (reported by Matrikx)

    Changelog for PyrCore v6.0.6-BETA :

    - Fixed : a debug log was displaying an invalid character. (tested)

    - Fixed : persistent items set in the last slot of a page wasn't appearing if no page was generated yet. (tested)

    Thanks to all the community members for reporting bugs and suggesting features. Keep going, so I can make this plugin better ! :D
    This changelog contains all the changes related to this plugin.
    (tested) means it worked on my debug server, (snapshot) means that I didn't tested, and the person who reported/suggested the bug is also mentionned, if it wasn't me.
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