GCore 7.13.0

The main library for all GuillaumeVDN's plugins [1.7-1.15]

  1. PyrCore v6.0.8-BETA

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    This changelog contains all the changes related to this plugin.

    Thanks to all the community members for reporting bugs and suggesting features. Keep going, so I can make this plugin better ! :D
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    PyrCore v6.0.8-BETA

    Fixed :
    - Minor bugs.

    BettingGames v1.1.0-BETA

    Added :
    - Setting 'open_commands' for games, those command will open the game GUI when performed. (for huntingzap)
    - Settings 'background_item_neutral', 'background_item_losing' and 'background_item_winning' for game 'ROCK_PAPER_SCISSORS', those materials will be in the RPS GUI background depending on the player's state. (for CraftSteamG)

    Improved :
    - Game 'ROCK_PAPER_SCISSORS' will no longer keep playing rounds if one of the two players will obviously win (so the 3rd round isn't played if a player already won 2 rounds for example).
    - Setting 'min_players_to_draw' for games 'CRASH' and 'WHEEL' can now be set to 1 minimum. (for ViperiousMite, lowkeyHero)

    Fixed :
    - No longer displaying the entire bet value when displaying how much was lost to a player for versus games. (for CraftSteamG)
    - No longer displaying the player balance amount when displaying the money error message.

    Removed :
    - Message 'MSG_BETTINGGAMES_RPSNEWROUND', because of the new RPS GUI background items, so less spam in the chat. (for CraftSteamG)

    QuestCreator v3.3.0-BETA

    Added :
    - Setting 'item_available_category' for quests that will be displayed for available quest in the category GUI (so for example when right-clicking a NPC). This is optional, if no 'item_available_category' is found, the plugin will use 'item_available'. (for Matrikx)
    - Setting 'execution_order' for object 'GROUP', that will force the player to execute the objects following the specified order. Fixed the bug that was forcing this setting. (for Lordinouille)
    - Setting 'disallowed_server_commands_perform' for the main configuration, this will prevent certain commands to be performed using object 'SERVER_COMMANDS_PERFORM'. (for Tiippex)
    - Permission 'questcreator.command.invite' for command '/qc invite'. (for Matrix)

    Improved :
    - Merged commands '/qc skipobject' and '/qc restartatobject' in one command '/qc goto'. (for Lordinouille)
    - Renamed setting 'only_damageable_by_quest_players' to 'quest_limited_mob' and preventing those mobs from attacking other players. (for Lordinouille)

    Fixed :
    - Object 'SERVER_ACTION_LIST' wasn't filling PlaceholderAPI placeholders for 'MESSAGE' actions. (for Ing1011)
    - Activator 'PRECISE_ENTITY' wasn't loading setting 'uuid' correctly. (for CraftSteamG)
    - Setting 'WALK_TO_WAIT_COMPLETION' for object 'SERVER_NPC_MOVE' wasn't completing correctly. (for Ing1011)
    - Quests were automatically starting even if the activator type wasn't automatic. (for Matrikx, Yuky)
    - An error occuring when interacting with a NPC. (for Twister_one)
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