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  1. PyrCore v6.0.4-BETA

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    Changelog for QuestCreator v3.0.2-BETA :

    - Added : introducing a 'category' system. A quest category is a group of quest that :

    - Can have an execution order or not. (tested)

    - Can required the previous quest to be done before starting the next one (if execution order is specified). (tested)

    - Are all enabled the same way (by NPC, by interacting with a block, or auto starting, daily quests, quests with a delay, world guard
    region, so basically the current ENABLE options for quests). (tested)

    - Can have their own GUI menu (by specifying 'link: category_[name]' in the GUIs configuration). (tested)

    - Can have a maximum concurrent quest running per category. (tested)

    - This concept replaces the current "ENABLE" option for quests, and the current quest_npcs.yml and quest_blocks.yml (particles options are now configurable directly in the category). A new categories.yml file will be generated and you'll have to reconfigure them. (tested)

    - Added : 'cancel objects' that will be performed whenever the quest is cancelled (so not successed or failed). (tested) (suggested by LeSaleDaron)

    - Added : edition GUIs for success, fail, and cancel objects. (tested)

    - Added : a back item for every GUI, configurable with setting 'back_item' in 'guis.yml'. (tested)

    - Added : command '/questcreator variables|var (--player [name]) (--variable|v [name]) (--set [new value])' to see and manipulate variables for a player. (tested) (suggested by Lordinouille)

    - Added : parameter '--menu [menu id]' for command '/questcreator menu', if you wish to open a specific GUI. (tested) (suggested by LeSaleDaron)

    - Improved : moved/renamed setting 'allow_right_click_start' for GUI items to category setting 'gui_right_click_start'. (tested)

    - Fixed : a loading bug preventing the VARIABLE condition to work properly. (tested) (reported by zeibo, LeSaleDaron)

    - Fixed : activator type WORLDGUARD_REGION wasn't working properly. (tested) (reported by Matrikx)

    - Fixed : no longer displaying 'x/-1' when max completions are -1 for command '/quests stats'. (tested)

    - Removed : goto types QUEST_SUCCESS_THEN_START and QUEST_FAIL_THEN_START. (snapshot)

    Changelog for CustomCommands v3.0.1-BETA :

    - Fixed : commands were performed twice. (tested) (reported by williumat)

    Changelog for PyrCore v6.0.4-BETA :

    - Fixed : a bug preventing GUIs to load correctly when the configured title was too long. (tested)

    - Fixed : some issues with permissions. (tested) (reported by LeSaleDaron, Matrikx, sklm)

    Thanks to all the community members for reporting bugs and suggesting features. Keep going, so I can make this plugin better ! :D
    This changelog contains all the changes related to this plugin.
    (tested) means it worked on my debug server, (snapshot) means that I didn't tested, and the person who reported/suggested the bug is also mentionned, if it wasn't me.
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