GCore 7.13.0

The main library for all GuillaumeVDN's plugins [1.7-1.15]

  1. PyrCore v6.1.0-BETA

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    This changelog contains all the changes related to this plugin.

    Thanks to all the community members for reporting bugs and suggesting features. Keep going, so I can make this plugin better ! :D
    Also consider leaving a nice review to the plugin if you're satisfied of my work and dedication ! <3

    PyrCore v6.1.0-BETA

    Added :
    - Moved the loadable library to PyrCore.

    Improved :
    - Improvements to the placeholders and loadable library.

    Fixed :
    - Some loading issues with parseable settings. (for Yuky)
    - Removed cache for parseable settings (excepted items), it was causing some issues. (for Ing1011)

    QuestCreator v4.1.0-BETA

    Added :
    - Settings 'number' and 'decimal number' can now be a math expression, for example '10^ceil((15-5) * 0.15)' will give 100. You can combine this with placeholders and variables (for example '%heroes_level% * 15'). It accepts basics (+, -, *, /) and some functions (sin, cos, tan, log, ceil, floor).
    - Placeholder '{math:[math expression here]}' will work the same way, for other setting types. You can also combine this with placeholders and variables (for example, 'Your Hero level multiplied by 15 is {math:%heroes_level% * 15}'. It accepts basics (+, -, *, /) and some functions (sin, cos, tan, log, ceil, floor).
    - Aliase '-var' for parameter '-variable' for command '/qc variable'.
    - Debug logs for object 'PLAYER_MYTHICMOBS_KILL'. (for Matrikx, Feikon, cuteboyboy)

    Improved :
    - Better quests loading on player join. (for climeno)
    - Better active objective detection, and now only using player objects (and DIVERGE) objects for GPS and actionbar. (for Ozan)

    Fixed :
    - Object 'SERVER_WORLDEDIT_SCHEMATIC_PASTE' wasn't loading properly. (for _Anglis)
    - Integration for articdive's PhatLoots V5 wasn't loading properly. (for Ing1011)
    - If one quest was ended during a check, and there was a next one, the plugin threw an error. (for Matrikx)
    - Quests were overriden/cancelled on player join in some cases. (for climeno)
    - (unsure) Placeholder problem when clicking GUI items in some cases. (for Matrikx)
    - Minor bugs.

    BettingGames v1.2.1-BETA

    Fixed :
    - Game 'UPGRADE' was taking item even if the player didn't tried anything or hadn't enough money. (for zoma)
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