GCore 7.15.0

The main library for all GuillaumeVDN's plugins [1.7-latest]

  1. GCore v7.10.2

    Please read this changelog, it's important. It contains all the changes related to this plugin and also things you could have to do after updating. If there's a GCore update, you have to download it too.

    I mainly provide support on my Discord server (the link is on the plugin page). Thanks for reporting bugs and suggesting features. Consider leaving a nice review to the plugin if you're satisfied with my work and dedication ! <3

    For QuestCreator v5.16.0 :

    Added :
    • A partial Polish translation by Matrikx !
    • (#314) Option 'goto_if_not_valid' for 'progress_conditions' ; if specified and the progress conditions aren't valid, it'll be called and skip the current object.
    • (#300) Option 'progress_chance_fail_cancel_event' for object ; if specified and the progress chance isn't valid for an event, the event will be canceled.

    Improved :
    • The current values of the global variables are now displayed in the edition GUI.

    Fixed :
    • A console error occurring when a BLOCK activator wasn't configured correctly.
    • (#313) Activators type wouldn't be changed.
    • (#306) Some editor stuff (activators/conditions/...) wouldn't be updated until plugin reload.
    • (#305) Global variables were being removed from the file.
    • (#302) Invalid items were added in the type selection GUI.
    • (#303) A startup error shouldn't appear anymore.
    • (#297) Option 'generate_example_quests' wasn't working if set to false.
    • (#293, #295) Command '/qc queue' wasn't registered correctly, causing the '/qc stop' command to be overridden.
    • (#292) The scoreboard could throw errors on reload.
    • Default actionbar was uncolored.
    • (#285) Now removing quests in progress that have invalid data (JSON can't be loaded, previously throwing huge errors in logs).
    • Too many bugs ;-; me bad coder

    For SupremeShops v1.0.2 :

    Fixed :
    • (#1) Gravity for items can only be disabled in some versions, added compatibility for that.

    For BettingGames v1.12.0 :

    Added :
    • (#22) Option 'max_concurrent_games' in config.yml (default is -1, disabled).

    Fixed :
    • (#21) Fixed an issue where a RPS game wouldn't stop correctly and update cooldowns.
    • (#20) (?) Lag spikes when creating ranking GUI.

    For GCore v7.10.2 :

    Fixed :
    • (QC #294) Material EMPTY_MAP wasn't recognized.
    • Some editor menus wouldn't update the thing, or simply not changing it at all when changing type.
    • Some editor menus had no back arrow when changing type.
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