GCore 7.15.0

The main library for all GuillaumeVDN's plugins [1.7-latest]

  1. GCore v7.10.6

    Please read this changelog, it's important. It contains all the changes related to this plugin and also things you could have to do after updating. If there's a GCore update, you have to download it too.

    I mainly provide support on my Discord server (the link is on the plugin page). Thanks for reporting bugs and suggesting features. Consider leaving a nice review to the plugin if you're satisfied with my work and dedication ! <3

    For QuestCreator v5.19.0 :

    Added :
    • Setting 'force_deliver' for objects PLAYER_NPC_INTERACT and PLAYER_CITIZENS_NPC_INTERACT ; if set to true (by default), the activator menu won't show up of these objects are active.

    Fixed :
    • (#360) Couldn't change item type from the in-game editor in the latest patch.
    • A bug where activators' status couldn't be retrieved.
    • A few editor problems.

    For SupremeShops 1.2.0 :

    Added :
    • A '/supremeshops fixmmoitems' command to replace existing MMOItems items saved in shops by a fresh copy loaded from MMOItems' config files.

    Fixed :
    • Fixed an issue where items wouldn't be saved correctly if they had special characters in lore.

    For Potatoes v4.4.2 :

    Fixed :
    • A compilation bug.

    For BettingGames v1.13.1 :

    Fixed :
    • A compilation bug.

    For GCore v7.10.6 :

    Fixed :
    • Improved the gson adapter for items.
    • Rewrote parts of the MySQL libs to fix some bugs.
    • Particle REDSTONE couldn't be displayed in 1.13+.
    • Some items couldn't be saved to gson.
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