GCore 7.14.0

The main library for all GuillaumeVDN's plugins [1.7-1.15]

  1. GCore v7.10.7

    Please read this changelog, it's important. It contains all the changes related to this plugin and also things you could have to do after updating. If there's a GCore update, you have to download it too.

    I mainly provide support on my Discord server (the link is on the plugin page). Thanks for reporting bugs and suggesting features. Consider leaving a nice review to the plugin if you're satisfied with my work and dedication ! <3

    For QuestCreator v5.20.0 :

    Added :
    • (#394) Goto types 'QUEST_SUCCESS_THEN_START [model_id]', 'QUEST_FAIL_THEN_START [model_id]' and 'QUEST_CANCEL_THEN_START [model_id]' to attempt to start a quest right after a quest is over.
    • (#393) GUI item type 'MULTIPLE_QUESTS [model_id],[model_id],...' to add multiple quests on the same slot. The first item that exists for this GUI will be added, and parameters for the GUI such as show_[status] will be taken into consideration.
    • (#392) Option 'copy_in_other_slots' for GUI content items, all slots specified will have a copy of that item (same look and behavior on click and potential update task).
    • (#384) Option 'reset_tokens_on_process' for quest pools (false by default) to reset the existing tokens of a quest pool on processing.
    • (#388) Option 'show_in_detailed_progression' for branches and objects (true by default), if it's set to false the branch/object won't appear in the quest detailed progression such as GUI and scoreboard texts.
    • (#268) Option 'check_active_quest' for condition QUEST_WENTTHROUGH_OBJECT. If set to true (by default), it will check the quest if it's active for the player, and otherwise just previous quests. If 'check_active_quest' and 'check_last_completion_only' are both true, then only the active quest will be checked.
    • Option 'force_deliver' to object PLAYER_MMOITEMS_CITIZENS_NPC_INTERACT.
    • (#288) Option 'time_limit_fail_goto' for quest models.
    • (#386) Option 'default_variables_values' in config.yml to set default values for individual variables (https://prnt.sc/przye5).
    • Option 'max_concurrent_instances' for quest models is now -1 by default.
    • Command '/qc setpooltokens' to change the tokens of a quest pool manually. There are different parameters.

    Fixed :
    • (GCore #11) A json loading problem.
    • GUI item type 'QUEST_GROUP' wouldn't display correct progressing quests.
    • (#387) Removed a forgotten debug log with DeluxeChat.
    • (#385) Quest placeholders can now be used in the quests GUI progress items.
    • Setting 'conditions' (list) was mandatory even though the parent conditions object wasn't mandatory.
    • Progress was sometimes displayed very slowly in actionbar or scoreboard.
    • Object PLAYER_JUMP would be progressed when climbing stairs, and jump potion effect wouldn't be taken into consideration.

    For BettingGames v1.13.2 :

    Fixed :
    • Crash game GUI would reopen on close.

    For GCore v7.10.7 :

    Improved :
    • Improved the look of the commands help menu.

    Fixed :
    • (#390) Added missing materials HUGE_MUSHROOM_1 and HUGE_MUSHROOM_2.
    • (#395) Fixed material BEETROOTS to work in legacy versions.
    • (#395) Blocks with a variant such as BLACK_STAINED_GLASS_PANE won't accept any custom durability in legacy versions, and that fixes the problems of colors not displaying for instance.
    • Fixed command '/gcore block mat' not working in legacy versions.
    • A bug preventing block states to be set.
    • (QC #377) Door type blocks couldn't be placed.
    • (QC #383) Now forcing color parsing for ItemData.
    • (QC #375) A bug where custom nbt wasn't loaded.
    • Using something different than a number in the -help:[PAGE] argument would cause an internal error.
    • Particle NOTE was displaying with an offset in 1.14.
    • Block state RAIL_SHAPE wouldn't work correctly.
    • Editor enum GUI selections are now much faster to calculate when switching pages.
    • Editor single material selection GUI had no back page.
    • (QC #401) A console error appearing sometimes.
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