GemsEconomy 4.7.5

This is a custom multi-currency economy plugin! Supports Vault too!

  1. Xanium
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13

    Awesome graphics work by: @Blueseph
    General Info.png
    Hey! Welcome to GemsEconomy. Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for a server's economy? Look no further! Offering single, or multiple currency formats(options), bungeecord/MySQL support, full message customization, vault support, frequent updates and more, GemsEconomy is here to help your community shine!

    If you want to donate to help me keep delivering updates for this plugin, please do so here! :)

    7000 downloads is amazing!
    Thank you for using this plugin :)

    - Customizable Messages.
    - Placeholder Expansion for PlaceholderAPI.
    - Custom Economy.
    - 100% configurable.
    - A very simple developer API.
    - MySQL Support.
    - Cheques.
    - Vault support.
    - Offline support.
    - Multi currency support.

    1. Install the plugin in your plugins folder
    2. Edit the settings as you'd like
    3. Create a currency with /gcurr.
    4. Edit the currency as you'd like with the other sub commands of /gcurr.
    5. Note: The first currency you create becomes the default one. You can also change the default currency with /gcurr.
    6. You're done.
    /gbalance [user] - Check a players balance or yours.
    /geco add <user> <amount> [currency] -
    Adds the specified amount of gems to the user.
    /geco take <user> <amount> [currency] - Takes the specfied amount from the user.
    /geco set <user> <amount> [currency] - Sets the gem amount to the user.
    /gpay <user> <amount> [currency] - Pay another player with your gems.

    /gcheque redeem - Redeems a written cheque.
    /gcheque write <amount> [currency] - Writes a cheque with the specified amount.
    /gcurrency - Currency help.

    Code (Text):
    gemseconomy.command.balance - Perm to view your balance
    gemseconomy.command.balance.other - Perm to view another users balance.
    gemseconomy.command.baltop - Perm to view the balance top for a specific currency.
    gemseconomy.command.cheque - Perm to redeem & write cheques.
    gemseconomy.command.currency - WARN: This gives permission to all sub commands. Like (/gcurr delete or /gcurr view)
    gemseconomy.command.economy - Perm to view economy help.
    gemseconomy.command.give - Perm to give an amount of a currency.
    gemseconomy.command.set - Perm to set an amount of a currency.
    gemseconomy.command.take - Perm to take an amount of a currency. - Perm to allow a user to pay.<currency_plural> - Perm to allow a user to pay the specific currency. This is required for the default currrency too. - Perm to exchange currency with preset rate. - Perm to exchange custom rate. - Perm to exchange currencies for another player.
    PlaceholderAPI by @clip
    Code (Text):
    %gemseconomy_balance_<currency plural or singular>%
    %gemseconomy_balance_<currency plural or singular>_formatted%
    You will find the older GemsEconomy placeholders here.

    Code (Text):
    Here is the long awaited API for GemsEconomy 4.0++
    First you'll need to make a variable of the API class.
    Remember to make your plugin load after GemsEconomy and add it your dependencies!

    GemsEconomyAPI api = new GemsEconomyAPI();

    Then you can:

    #deposit(UUID, Amount);
    #deposit(UUID, Amount, Currency);
    #withdraw(UUID, Amount);
    #withdraw(UUID, Amount, Currency);
    #getBalance(UUID, Currency);

    If you need more information about the API, contact me through PMs!

    This is the old api from GemsEconomy Version 3.2.1!!

    Make sure you add GemsEconomy to your dependencies, otherwise you won't find the GemsAPI class.

    Code (Text):

    GemsAPI.editBalance(EcoAction action, Player player, double amount, boolean offline);
    GemsAPI.editBalance(EcoAction action, UUID uuid, double amount, boolean offline);

    // Get the balance
    GemsAPI.getBalance(UUID uuid); // returns a double value.

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Recent Reviews

  1. sklm
    Version: 4.7.5
    Can you set different default currencies for each server?
  2. gaspercino123
    Version: 4.7.5
    I was waiting for something this good I'm glad I found this. I cannot switch to anything else. This is just EPIC so useful I recommend it to anyone that wants multiple currencies.
  3. CubeVillage
    Version: 4.7.5
    I love it, i have search a long time for a good plugin but this...OMG fantastic. Very nice my friend and good luck for the future :)

  4. Shadowpauler
    Version: 4.7.5
    The only plugin at the moment that actually supports all of the newest Vault API and doesn't break a bunch of plugins that require Vault. This is the ONLY plugin that's as simple and as compatible and well performed it can get. Thank you, a BILLION!
  5. anemul
    Version: 4.7.4
    Excellent . This is a great resource . Easy to use and understand . Great for all servers . Thanks Xanium :D
  6. Spitfire350
    Version: 4.7.3
    The plugin is buggy as hell, won't let the CONSOLE do commands, saying "you don't have permission to do this", can't check my own balance but can check other people's balances.
  7. anemul
    Version: 4.7.3
    Awesome . Just what the doctor ordered . Perfect . Really lime this plugin . One of the better . Destined to be a can't do without .
    1. Xanium
  8. LucidusMC
    Version: 4.7.3
    Really love this economy plugin, loads perfectly and hooks into all my plugins requiring vault, thank you for this great plugin!
    1. Xanium
      Author's Response
      No problem :)
  9. AmirehGamer
    Version: 4.7.3
    This is a very impressive plugin. I like that it has the capability to add multiple currencies whilst maintaining Vault, along with lots of other cool features as well. I’d take this over EssentialsXEco anytime.

    But please, clean the code and make it more robust.
    1. Xanium
      Author's Response
      Sent you a pm btw.
  10. DazzleFun
    Version: 4.7.2
    The plugin is incredibly simple, and very practical. It works great, I advise everyone to this plugin, I finally found an excellent replacement for IComony.
    1. Xanium