GemsEconomy 4.8.3

This is a custom multi-currency economy plugin! Free & Open Sourced! With vault support

  1. Syncing Issue Bug Fix

    The syncing issue between servers should be no more now!
    I've carefully tested this both with offline and online. It seems to work flawlessly :)
  2. Bungee Syncing

    This update fixes the issue where a player would have more or less money on another server than they are playing on. In other words "same currency, different server, different balance" is fixed.

    Due to the limitations of the Bungee-Bukkit plugin messaging channels if there is no players on the other server that needs updating, it won't be updated either.
  3. Bug fix

    • Fixed the async event bug on /eco set
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  4. 1.14 Support + Bug Fixes

    * Fixed the Cache, I made a cache for accounts but didn't actually use it.
    So this would bring a performance boost regarding account lookups. (Data reading)
    * Fixed a money dupe bug when a player joins first time, receives money and can pay infinite until they rejoin.

    This update fixes the async event bug!

    * Added support for 1.14!

    * Please let me know if you find bugs!
    * PM me or contact me on discord!
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  5. Trying to fix mysql timeouts.

    This a version that might fix the problem in previous versions.
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  6. Mysql bug fix

    I have not tested this version myself due to the time it takes to test this bug:
    Database is not connected!

    This happens when the server is left on for hours and hours and can happen after a while.
    Let me know if this version does not fix this.
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  7. Small update + 1 new command

    • /currency backend <mysql,yaml,sqlite> - This command allows you to change the current backend, this does not convert the data from the old to the new.
    • New messages to the command above, you can find them here, they are pointed out with an arrow. It is 2 new messages.
      Code (Text):
      # GemsEconomy
      # Version: 4.7.3
      # GemsEconomy Main Configuration file.
      # Developer(s): [Xanium]
      # You have three valid storage methods, yaml, mysql or sqlite. If you choose mysql you...
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  8. Security update

    This small change makes that account creation happens later than the previous version because of anti bot plugins. This change is made because i had reports of this plugin crashing servers when they were bot attacked. So now it should not make any account unless the "player entity" is fully logged in.

    Please let me know if this version breaks your server. I've tested it carefully but it worked fine for me.
  9. Tiny Messages fix

    I've derped the unknown sub command message. Its now fixed and the plugin should work perfectly.
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  10. Event API update

    I've added 3 events that can be used as an api.

    • GemsTransactionEvent
    • GemsPayEvent
    • GemsConversionEvent
    Remember to regenerate your config file if you haven't done that when you updated to version 4.6
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