GenBucket [1.8-1.14] Easily generate a wall or floor! 1.0.7

A powerful plugin for generating walls or floors easily with blocks or buckets.

  1. Even more bug fixes & small features

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  2. More bug fixes and stuff

    * Fixed bug where bucket wouldn't get removed in the offhand
    * Other stuff from earlier that I forgot lol
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  3. 1.14 support and bug fixes

    • Added 1.14 support
    • Bug fixes
    • Added metrics
  4. Many optimizations, bug fixes, and a few new features

    • Bucket blocks now support data values- yes, this means you can generate red sand now
    • Added feature to guide downward blocks with gravity with a block under. For example if you have this feature enabled and you are generating sand downwards, it will place a block under every block so the sand doesn't fall
    • All config values are cached- which just means everything should just be much more optimized/faster
    • Other bug fixes
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  5. Patch fix

    • Fixed items being created incorrectly and appearing with a purple/black texture.
    • Improved worldborder checks a bit hopefully.
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  6. Many bug fixes and new patch buckets

    • Added patch buckets (will pass through its own material type to fill in gaps in walls)
    • Reworked count-by-chunk buckets, is now a true/false value instead of the direction. If your direction for any of your buckets contains "_BY_CHUNK", please remove that and instead set (count-by-chunk to true as shown in the example config)
    • Fixed the worldborder check
    • Revamped a lot...
  7. Many new features, optimizations, and bug fixes.

    (Please press Read More if updating from 1.0)​
    • Added WorldGuard 7 (1.13) support
    • Optimized many checks when using genbuckets
    • Added /gen alias for the command
    • You can now charge to place any bucket- not just infinite ones
    • Added optional sponge checker and enemy player checker
    • Added optional cancel feature which allows you to punch the green wool at the base of the gen bucket to disable
    • Infinite gen buckets can now optionally disappear when dropped...