GetMeHome v2.0.1

A straightforward Spigot plugin that gets you home

  1. SimonOrJ
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Japanese, Korean, ɥsᴉꞁᵷuƎ, LOLCAT, Pirate Speak, Shakespearean English (configurable as well)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    GetMeHome has all the features you would need for a simple home plugin. The configuration is very simple to understand and set up! This plugin was tested to work on Minecraft 1.7 and up, and it will continue being updated to be future-proof!

    There are plenty of home plugins out there, but this plugin was built out of necessity for a survival server. There was no reliable home plugin to rely on for clean storage and messages that also supports multi-home. Any home plugin that I found was either too bloated or too simple. I decided to take it on my own, and so, GetMeHome was born.

    GetMeHome features:
    • /home, /sethome, /delhome, and /listhomes
    • Advanced Multi-home support by declaring custom permission nodes in limit.yml
      • /setdefaulthome to change default home
    • Warmup and cooldown delay support by declaring custom permission nodes in delay.yml
    • Localization based on MC language, officially supporting:
      • English (Default)
        • ɥsᴉꞁᵷuƎ (v1.0.3)
        • LOLCAT (v1.0.0)
        • Pirate Speak (v1.0.1)
        • Shakespearean English (v1.0.3)
      • Japanese (v1.0.3; by kj_Brooke)
      • Korean (v1.0.1)
    • Custom localization or messages
    • A way to go to or edit other player's homes

    There are several configuration options that you can set.
    • message.prefix: Default: "&6[GetMeHome]". The tag used for all messages from GetMeHome.
    • message.content-color and message.focus-color: Change message colors without any hassle!
    • welcome-home-radius: Default: 4. Distance away from home point to show the "Welcome home" message. Can be disabled by setting it to -1.
    For additional information, check config.yml.

    limit.yml and delay.yml
    These two files follow the same exact structure.
    Code (YAML):
    - perm:        permission.node
    :       Home Limit
    :   set | world | add | subtract (optional)
    :      [world_name(s), ...] (optional)
    Examples are shown in limit.yml and delay.yml.

    Commands and Permissions
    The default permissions should work well with your needs. All usable permission nodes are listed below.

    User Command Permissions
    Everyone is given these permissions by default.
    • getmehome.user: Allows all commands a user needs to use the plugin features. This enables the following permission nodes:
      • getmehome.command.home
      • getmehome.command.sethome
      • getmehome.command.delhome
      • getmehome.command.listhomes
      • getmehome.command.setdefaulthome
    • getmehome.command.home: Allows going home.
      • /home [name]
    • getmehome.command.sethome: Allows setting home.
      • /sethome [name]
    • getmehome.command.delhome: Allows deleting own home.
      • /delhome [name]
    • getmehome.command.listhomes: Allows listing list of own homes.
      • /listhomes
    • getmehome.command.setdefaulthome: Allows changing the default home.
      • /setdefaulthome <name>
    Delay Bypass Permissions
    • getmehome.delay.instantother: No delay for /home to other player's home. (default: op)
    • getmehome.delay.allowmove: Allows moving while waiting for /home warmup (default: false)
    Administration Permissions
    By default, these permissions are given only to server operators.
    • getmehome.reload: Allows reloading plugin configuration. This discards homes not yet saved on the file!
      • /getmehome reload to reload.
      • /getmehome clearcache to clear home cache. This doesn't do anything for now.
    • getmehome.command.home.other: Allows going to other player's home.
      • /home <player> <name>
    • getmehome.command.sethome.other: Allows setting other player's home. This ignores the target player's home limits, so be sure to check the number using /listhomes <player>!
      • /sethome <player> <name>
    • getmehome.command.delhome: Allows deletion of other player's home. There is no confirmation prompt, so be careful!
      • /delhome <player> <name>
    • getmehome.command.listhomes.other: Allows listing of other players' homes.
      • /listhomes <player>

    For more information, please visit the project page on GitHub.


    Hope this comes in handy!

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Recent Reviews

  1. WaffleBroGuy
    Version: v2.0.1
    I really liked just how simple it is without a lot of filler like other mods. One thing I wanted to know IF it's even possible is to set a home for all players like a spawn or lobby home? Other than that, good job! :)
  2. ThatTonybo
    Version: v1.0.3
    Really great, standalone plugin, I'm using it for my server, and it seems to work better than others I've tried.

    I would like to see customizable command options, as I prefer /homes to /listhomes and a few others. None the less very awesome.
    1. SimonOrJ
      Author's Response

      By default, /homes is aliased to /listhomes, and /h is aliased to /home. I think you may have to restart the server just in case the commands were not registered properly (seeing that the command /homes isn't working for you atm).

      You can override or set custom commands through commands.yml file (in the server room directory), and that works for all other commands! Maybe try it out.

      Let me know if anything. Thank you for the review!

  3. MrBaguette07
    Version: v1.0.2
    Super plugin, marche super bien ! (Peut-être juste ajouter un fichier de traduction, sinon nickel !

    Super plugin, works great! (Maybe just add a translation file, otherwise nickel!
    1. SimonOrJ
      Author's Response