GGive fix version 1.2 (r.1.2)

Give is a special plugin for adding things to a player. Such as blocks and items.

  1. GStudiosX
    Version: fix version 1.2 (r.1.2)
    why does this even exist i dont even think a give plugin should be 16 kb why not add more features atleast also why did you shade craftbukkit before???? i dont even know if this works cuz im not running this shit on my pc also why do you have a external link instead of uploading it to spigot?
  2. ProudDesk
    Version: 2021-07-07
    Shading craftbukkit making the plugin 30mb and it doesn't even work.

    Do not download this if you don't want a 30mb plugin that doesn't even work.
    1. jabko155
      Author's Response
      sorry, I know about the size of the plugin (32mb) next update it will no longer be