== GHolo == The new Modern Holo - Plugin - [1.8.x - 1.16.x] []

-- Create Holos with modern Technology and great Performance --

  1. Gecolay
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Gecolay (goldstarplayer)
    Languages Supported:
    Chinese, Czech, English, German, Spanish, [Custom]
    Holo / Holograms - Plugin


    This is a huge Holo Plugin with a lot of Settings and Functions which can ALL be changed by you in the Plugin-Config and the Lang-Files.

    Support from 1.8.x to 1.16.x!

    If you like my Plugin support me with a good Plugin-Rating.


    Special Features:

    100% customizable
    Very good performance

    No Lag! Even not on servers with bad performance!

    Support for different and future Minecraft versions, thanks to the modern Version-independent System!

    Easy to use commands!

    Tab-Completion for all Commands!

    Import easily Holos from Holographic-Displays!

    Create completely Empty Lines!

    Customizable Rainbow-Color Formatting Code!

    Use Unicode Symbols with Placeholders!
    Plugin own placeholder!


    You can create unlimited Animations!

    Change Animation Update-Delay!

    Possibilities to add Images in your Holos from Files or Web-URLs
    Create Holos with Player-Heads!

    Copy Holo-Content!

    Customizable Line-Space

    Completely customizable Language-Files
    Possibilities to add your own Language-Files!

    And many more......



    • /holo help -> Helplist
      • Permission: None
    • /holo info <Holo-ID> -> Shows Holo-Information
      • Permission: GHolo.Info
    • /holo list [<Radius>] -> Shows all Holos / in the Area
      • Permission: GHolo.List
    • /holo create <Holo-ID> -> Creates a Holo
      • Permission: GHolo.Create
    • /holo remove <Holo-ID> -> Removes a Holo
      • Permission: GHolo.Remove
    • /holo tp <Holo-ID> -> Teleport to a Holo
      • Permission: GHolo.Tp
    • /holo tphere <Holo-ID> -> Teleport a Holo
      • Permission: GHolo.TpHere
    • /holo arow <Holo-ID> <Text> -> Add a new Holo-Row
      • Permission: GHolo.ARow
    • /holo rrow <Holo-ID> <Row> -> Remove a Holo-Row
      • Permission: GHolo.RRow
    • /holo irow <Holo-ID> <Row> <Text> -> Import a Holo-Row-Text
      • Permission: GHolo.IRow
    • /holo srow <Holo-ID> <Row> <Text> -> Set a Holo-Row-Text
      • Permission: GHolo.SRow
    • /holo mrow <Holo-ID> <Row> <Row> -> Move a Holo-Row
      • Permission: GHolo.MRow
    • /holo image <Holo-ID> avatar/helm/file/url <Value> [<Size>] -> Load a Picture
      • Permission: GHolo.Image
    • /holo copy <Holo-ID-Source> <Holo-ID-Target> -> Copies all Holo-Rows
      • Permission: GHolo.Copy
    • /holo import <Plugin> -> Import Holos from other Plugins
      • Permission: GHolo.Import
    • /gholoreload -> Reload the Settings
      • Permission: GHolo.GHoloReload




    • GHolo.*
    • GHolo.Info
    • GHolo.List
    • GHolo.Create
    • GHolo.Remove
    • GHolo.Tp
    • GHolo.TpHere
    • GHolo.ARow
    • GHolo.RRow
    • GHolo.IRow
    • GHolo.SRow
    • GHolo.MRow
    • GHolo.Image
    • GHolo.Copy
    • GHolo.Import
    • GHolo.GHoloReload


    Code (Text):
      lang: en_en
      max-list-radius: 30
      text-distance: 0.26
      empty-line: "[Empty]"
        code: "&u"
        refresh: 4
        - "&a"
        - "&b"
        - "&c"
        - "&d"
        - "&e"
        Symbol: "[X]"
          Symbol: " [|] "
          Color: "&7"
      "[X]": "\u2588"
      "[|]": "\u23B9"



    • %Name% -> Playername​
    • %Display% -> Player-Displayname​
    • %IP% --> Player-IP​
    • %UUID% --> Player-UUID​
    • %Health% --> Current Player-Health​
    • %MaxHealth% --> Max-Player-Health​
    • %Hunger% --> Current Player-Hunger​
    • %Online% --> Online-Player-Count​
    • %MaxOnline% --> Max-Online-Count​
    • %SOnline% --> Online-Player-Count which the Player can see​
    • %WOnline% --> Player-Online-Count for the same World​
    • %BOnline% --> Online-Player-Count of the BungeeCord-Network​
    • %Server% --> Current Servername​
    • %World% --> Current Worldname​
    • %X% --> X-Location of the Player​
    • %Y% --> Y-Location of the Player​
    • %Z% --> Z-Location of the Player​
    • %Biome% --> Current Biomename​
    • %Ping% --> Player-Ping to the Server​


    To add new Animations you need to create one in the "Animations.yml"-File like the same Format as the two Test-Animations.

    You can use an Animation in your Holo by this Placeholder-Format:




    With the "/holo image <Holo>"-Command you can override the Holo-Content with a Image from different Sources.

    Avable Sources:

    avatar ( Player-Head without Overlay )
    helm ( Player-Head with Overlay )
    file ( Image-File from Image-Folder )
    url ( Web-Url-Image )

    If you don't define the Image-Size the Defualt-Size of the Image will be used.
    The Default-Size for "avatar" and "helm" Images is 16 x 16.

    To define the Image-Size add your Size-Defination after the Image-Value like:

    10 -> the Width and Heigth will be 10
    10,20 -> the Width will be 10, the Heigth will be 20


    Known Bugs:

    • Currently no bugs are known!
    • If you discover a bug let me know in the discussion area so I can fix it quickly!


    Planned Features:

    Planned Features for new Versions:
    • Add the possibility to create Holo-Items!

    • If you have a Suggestion for a new Feature, let me know in the Discussion-Area!


    Change Language:

    • Set the "Lang.lang"-Option in the Config.yml to your chosen Language

    Add a new Language-File:

    • Copy one of the Lang-Files and Name it like you will
    • Change the Messages in the Lang-File
    • Set the "Lang.lang"-Option in the Config.yml to your created Lang-File



    New official GPlugins Discord Server!

    This Plugin supports the Minecraft Versions:
    1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x , 1.11.x, 1.12.x , 1.13.x, 1.14.x, 1.15.x, 1.16.x

    If you like my Plugin support me with a good Plugin-Rating.
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    Importing is broken and you can't teleport a holo to specific coords. Good plugin otherwise.
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    I love this plugin, easy to understand and to use. Import from hd working smoothly. I recommend everyone to switch to this.
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    Nice plug-in. Simple and convenient. But it doesn't work at all on 1.16.1.
    Please update it.
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    Absolutely Fantastic!
    Author added my idea within a couple of hours of submission. Excellent!!
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    Fantastic Plugin. Works 100* better than Holographic Displays!
    Is there a way to convert/ import my Holographic Displays holograms to plugin? or do I need to redo all my holograms?
    1. Gecolay
      Author's Response
      Added in Update []!!
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    Hello, this plugin is easy to use and amazing. The only issue I'm having is sometimes when I leave the world and come back to it, the Holos are moved to strange locations.
  8. xuyuedi
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    Hello author, I am from China. I like this plug-in very much. I want to share it with the server in China and reprint the plug-in to the Chinese forum www.mcbbs.net. Can you please? I need your authorization
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    Author added my suggestion within hours. Fantastic support - and everything works as intended on Paper 1.15 - great work!
  10. edude0
    Version: []
    Please add an option to copy holograms to other holograms so we don't have to remake every hologram if it's the same design - that's a huge feature that HolographicDisplays has that this one doesn't. Thanks!