== GHolo == The new modern Holo Plugin! - [1.9.x - 1.17.x] []

✨ Create Holos with modern Technology, great Performance and Animations! ✨

  1. Gecolay
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Languages Supported:
    English, German, [Custom]
    Modern Holo & Holograms - Plugin


    This is a huge Holo Plugin which contains a lot of Settings and Functions that all can be changed by you in the Plugin-Config and the Language-Files.

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    Supports Bukkit, Spigot, Paper (+ all Forks) Servers from 1.9.x to 1.17.x!


    Special Features:

    100% customizable
    Very good performance

    No Lag! Even not on servers with bad performance!

    Create Holo-Items that stay in the air in a Holo!
    ( Type "ICON:Material" like "ICON:stone" )

    You can use NBT-Tags! "ICON:Material {NBT}"

    Create Holo-Entities that can rotate! ONLY 1.17.x+
    ( Type "ENTITY:Type" like "ENTITY:Zombie" )

    You can use NBT-Tags! "ICON:Type {NBT}"

    Create Animations in Holos!

    Supports RGB ColorCodes!

    Supports Color Gradients!
    ( Format: "[#ffffff Text #000000]" )
    ( Starting with a bracket and one Color Code and ending with another Color Code and bracket! )

    Easy to use commands & Tab-Completion for all commands!

    Easily import Holos from Holographic-Displays with just one command!

    Create completely Empty Lines!
    ( Type two square brackets like "[]" )

    Use Unicode Symbols with Placeholders!


    Possibilities to add Images in your Holos from Files, Web-URLs or as a Player-Head!





    Copy Holo-Content!

    Customizable Line-Space

    And many more......


    Our Partner:

    Thanks to our Premium Partner ElixirNode!
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    /gholo (/holo) -> Create, Remove & Edit Holos

    /gholoreload (/gholorl) -> Reload the Plugin


    OP-Permission: GHolo.*
    Update-Notification-Permission: GHolo.Update
    Config-Reload-Permission: GHolo.GHoloReload

    Sit-Permissions (Default-Permissions marked Underlined):
    • GHolo.Holo -> Create, Remove & Edit Holos​


    Code (Text):
      # Defines the Plugin-Language
      lang: en_en
      # Checks if a new Update was released
      check-for-update: true
      # Defines the space between the top part of two rows
      space-between-lines: 0.26
      # Defines whether the Plugin should use ArmorStands or EffectClouds to create Holos
      # ArmorStands render up to 64 Blocks | EffectClouds render up to 40 Blocks
      # This Option has no effect on the server performance
      # If there are too many Holos the FPS of a Player can break down, then it makes sense to use EffectClouds
      use-armor-stands: true
      # Defines a List of Unicode Symbols, which are to be converted within Holo rows
        "[X]": "\u2588"
        "[|]": "\u23B9"


    Ingame you can insert an Animation in the format "%animation_id%" like "%test%"

    Code (Text):
    # ===============================================================================================
    # Animations are created from an Id
    # An Animation contains a tick amount that defines how quickly the Animation is updated in ticks
    # The content of the Animation defines which lines should be looped through
    # ColorCodes and PlaceholderAPI Placeholders can be used in an Animation
    # Animations can contain other Animations, but only those created before the containing Animation
    # In the example with "test" and "test2" -> only "test2" may contain "test" but "test" may not contain "test2"
    # Ingame you can insert an Animation in the format "%animation_id%" like "%test%"
    # ===============================================================================================

        ticks: 10
        - "Test"
        - "Animation"
        ticks: 5
        - "&a%test%"
        - "&b%test%"
        - "&c%test%"
        - "&d%test%"



    With the "/holo image"-Command you can override Holo-Content with a Image from different sources.

    Available sources:
    avatar ( Player-Head without Overlay )
    helm ( Player-Head with Overlay )
    file ( Image-File from Image-Folder )
    url ( Web-Url to a Image )

    If you don't define the Image-Size the Default-Size of the Image will be used (max 500:500).
    The Default-Size for "avatar" and "helm" Images is 16:16.

    To define the Image-Size add your Size-Definition after the Image-Value like:

    10 -> the Width and Height will be 10
    10:20 -> the Width will be 10, the Height will be 20


    Holo Conditions:

    With the "/holo condition"-Command you can set conditions for a Holo to be shown to the Player.

    Available types:
    permission ( The Player needs a certain permission )
    placeholder ( A placeholder needs the specific content )

    Individual conditions are separated by a comma and the type of a condition is separated by a colon from it's condition itself.

    "/holo condition Example permission:Test.Test"

    ( This Holo would only show up if a Player has the "Test.Test" permission )

    "/holo condition Example placeholder:%player_x%>=20"

    ( This Holo would only show up if the X Coordinate of the Player is at least 20 )

    "/holo condition Example permission:Test.Test,placeholder:%player_y%>=100,placeholder:%player_world%=world"

    ( This Holo would only show up if the Player has the "Test.Test" permission and if he is the a world named "world" and his Y Coordinate is at least 100 )

    API for Developers:

    GHoloAPI GAPI = new GHoloAPI();

    Returns if a Holo exists by Holo Id:
    Code (Java):
    boolean existsHolo(String Id);
    Returns a Holo by Holo Id:
    Code (Java):
    Holo getHolo(String Id);
    Returns all Holos:
    Code (Java):
    HashMap<String, Holo> getHolos();
    Inserts a new Holo:
    Code (Java):
    void insertHolo(String Id, Location L, List<String> C);
    Removes a Holo by Holo Id:
    Code (Java):
    void removeHolo(String Id);
    Moves a Holo by Holo Id:
    Code (Java):
    void moveHolo(String Id, Location L);
    Adds Holo Content by Holo Id:
    Code (Java):
    void addHoloContent(String Id, String C);
    Removes Holo Content by Holo Id:
    Code (Java):
    void removeHoloContent(String Id, int R);
    Sets the Holo Content by Holo Id:
    Code (Java):
    void setHoloContent(String Id, List<String> C);
    Sets the Holo Content by Holo Id:
    Code (Java):
    void setHoloContent(String Id, int R, String C);
    Inserts the Holo Content by Holo Id:
    Code (Java):
    void insertHoloContent(String Id, int R, String C);
    Sets the ShowCondition of a Holo by Holo Id:
    Code (Java):
    void setHoloCondition(String Id, String C);
    Returns if a HoloAnimation exists by HoloAnimation Id:
    Code (Java):
    boolean existsHoloAnimation(String Id);
    Returns a HoloAnimation by HoloAnimation Id:
    Code (Java):
    HoloAnimation getHoloAnimation(String Id);
    Returns all HoloAnimations:
    Code (Java):
    HashMap<String, HoloAnimation> getHoloAnimations();
    Inserts a new HoloAnimation:
    Code (Java):
    void insertHoloAnimation(String Id, long T, List<String> C);
    Removes a HoloAnimation by HoloAnimation Id:
    Code (Java):
    void removeHoloAnimation(String Id);

    Known Bugs/ Issues:

    Known Bugs or Issues that are not yet resolved in the newest Version:
    • There are currently no known or not fixed Issues!

    • If you discover any kind of Bug please instantly contact me in the Discussion-Area, send me a DM or join the GPlugins Discord Server, so i can fix this as soon as possible!

    Planned Features:

    Planned Features for future Versions:


    Change Language:

    • Set the "Lang.lang"-Option in the Config.yml to your chosen Language

    Add a new Language-File:

    • Copy one of the Language-Files and Name it like you will
    • Change the Messages in the Language-File
    • Set the "Lang.lang"-Option in the Config.yml to your created Language-File



    New official GPlugins Discord Server!

    This Plugin supports the Minecraft Versions:
    1.9.x, 1.10.x , 1.11.x, 1.12.x , 1.13.x, 1.14.x, 1.15.x, 1.16.x, 1.17.x

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Recent Reviews

  1. RandomKuchen
    Version: []
    A really nice Plugin. Easy to use, nothing is complicated and has nice Features like the Mob or Item Holo.
  2. AndreSaulo
    Version: []
    Helped a lot!
    Easy to use and works great, thank you so much for this wonderful plugin.
  3. tomikcz987
    Version: []
    Latest version doesn't have so many bugs as old version and it finally works as it should
  4. weedorpy
    Version: []
    This plugin is great! Very easy to use and it is fun. Very

    But the config. still broken: ((are you going to fix it? the plugin works fine, but an error appears in the console.
  5. kayoz09
    Version: []
    same problem as guy before: many bugs at stopping server and I have to use /gholoreload to see holos again after restart
  6. tomikcz987
    Version: []
    Good plugin but there's still a few bugs that aren't getting fixed and on discord no one wants to answer. First bug is that holograms don't load after startup (Many errors are in log) and this can be fixed via /gholoreload. Holograms are sometimes not visible after some time for some players and /gholoreload will help with this too. Many errors in log are from ViaVersion due to Gholo because holograms are not on server but only player can see them (Latest.log 2GB on disk and after restart 45MB. You need to set suppress-conversion-warnings: to true and suppress-metadata-errors: true in ViaVersion to make your console usable and your log readable)
  7. Gienek2012
    Version: []
    Nice plugin but I have a problem because when I turn off the servos and turn it on again, the holograms disappear and appear only when I type / gholoreload.
    Mc version 1.16.4
  8. hadzardoes
    Version: []
    this hologram plugin cool af but would great if clickabe hologram maybe ? :) :) :) :) :) :)
  9. GrisworldsMemoir
    Version: []
    Old configs got broken in a new release and we've been having errors with this plugin a lot. I've reported the issues on Discord/Discussion thread but there hasn't been an update since. I asked the developer for an ETA on an update since my server can't do anything unless we have holograms, but I haven't received a response. The plugin works really nicely when there aren't any issues, so that is why I gave a star.
    1. Gecolay
      Author's Response
      I'm currently working on a complete Rewrite of the Plugin to make it much better!
      I'm sorry that you had that much Problems with this Plugin.
      I'm can not work Full Time on all my Plugins!
  10. Kaxon
    Version: []
    Old configs break with the latest version. Coordinates are no longer precise so holograms can't be centered. I simply can't use this plugin anymore.
    1. Gecolay
      Author's Response
      There is a Discord Server where you can ask for help!
      Also there is a Discussion Area on Spigot so why you don't try to get help??!
      Directly creates a bad Review without trying to get help..