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  1. MDucke
    The plugin adds a gift codes in Minecraft.
    For example, when entering a certain code you will be creative on the server or something else.
    In General, you can write any command.
    The plugin is very good choice for car donation.
    The pluginis not designedby me!
    I have improvedthe health ofthe plugin,changedcommand..

    /code add — Help on adding
    /code del — <code>
    * Variable with Nick player — $name
    * Variable with randomly code — $gen
    * Replacing the space in the command symbol ":"
    * The ability to use the id in the form id:data
    * Also, you can replace the $gen, resulting in code will be generated in the format: XXXX—XXXX—XXXX.
    * cmd and itm — Code type.
    * cmd — commands
    * itm — items

    mik1313.giftcode.add // Add code
    mik1313.giftcode.use // Use code
    mik1313.giftcode.del // Remove code
    Activate existing code can be only once!

    Example: /code add MDucke cmd /op:MDucke,/kick:basktm
    Total: The player will receive MDucke op, and basktm player kicked from the server. Then, the code becomes invalid.
    Example: /code add MDucke cmd /op:MDucke,/kick:$name
    Total: The player will receive MDucke op and its kicked from the server.
    Example: /code add MDucke itm 5:2,89 10,2
    Total: The player will receive 10 MDucke Birch boards and 2 light stone.
    Example: /code add $gen itm 5:2,89 10,2
    Total: When you enter this command, the generated code will be displayed in the chat (visible only to the creator of this code has been added to the list).
    Example: /code add $gen cmd op:MDucke 22.02.14
    Total: When you enter this command, generating code for the action, which will be valid up to 22.02.14, inclusive, in the same way.


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