Gither - Become a Wither 1.1

Become a Wither, much fun and good for events!

  1. Kitt3120
    Dis(g)uise W(ither)

    Currently there are no Videos about my Plugin. The first one will be linked here!

    What is Gither?

    Gither lets you morph into a Wither and do some cool attacks like shooting wither skulls, but a bit different ;). You can see yourself as a wither and other players can too!

    Why do i need Gither?

    Basically its just for some fun but you can do cool events with it too! In the config you can set the Withers health so an admin can transform into a Wither and fight vs users. The user who will kills the Wither will get a reward!

    Installation & Dependencies



    Just put them all into your plugins folder :)


    Transform into a Wither : Gither.toggle

    Admin commands : Gither.admin


    Add Ingame-Updater

    Add Permissions

    Add Particle Effects

    Add new things here suggested by users :)


    The plugin isnt working, even after taking a look at the "Install" section AGAIN

    Then you can contact me in Skype -> Kitt3120

    Is there a test server?

    No, there is not ! If you want to "spend" me a server contact me in Skype.

    Can i see the source code?

    Currently : No

    Can i add you even if i dont have a problem?

    Sure why not :p Lets play some games!


    I like your work and want to support you! How can i do that?

    Click Here

    Or manually send money to [email protected] on PayPal, but the button is faster :p

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Recent Reviews

  1. ButterMaster0315
    Version: 1.1
    Awesome Plugin Great Does What It Says The Developer Is Good <3
    The Point OF The plugin is to be a wither and it does what it says LOVE
    1. Kitt3120
      Author's Response
      Thanks for this awesome review ! :)

      Loves back from Gither :p