Giveall V1.1.1

Give all online players an item!

  1. D4n13lH

    I was working on a private prison server for me and my friends and I wanted a plugin to giveaway whatever I had in my hand to everyone. I noticed that there wasn't any free, working ones out there so I decided to make my own and share it on spigot.

    How to use
    Hold the item you want to share in your hand and do /giveall to send it to all online players
    Certain players only:
    Hold the item you want to share and do /giveall followed by:
    • distance {maximum distance in blocks} to give it to all players within a certain distance from you
    • world {worldname} to give it to all players in a certain world
    • minlevel {level} to give to all players with at least a certain amount of xp levels
    • help to list all arguments in game

    • giveall.use - Allows the player to use /giveall

    1. Download the plugin
    2. Place giveall.jar in your plugin folder
    3. Restart/reload your server or use a plugin loader to enable giveall
    V1.0.0 (private):
    - Initial release
    - Built against 1.7.10-R0.1

    V1.0.1 (private):
    - Added permissions
    - Built against 1.7.10-R0.1

    V1.0.2 (private):
    - Fixed messages printing out the item meta
    - Built against 1.7.10-R0.1

    - Added a message to the sender to notify them the item was shared
    - Built against 1.7.10-R0.1

    - Built against the latest version to fix any possible compatibility issues
    - Built against 1.8-R0.1
    - Fixed typo in the non-player error message
    - Added arguments to only give it to players who match certain criteria
    - Built against 1.8-R0.1

    - Optimized some code
    - Built against 1.8-R0.1

    Planned features
    • Messages config (V1.2.0)
    • An option to give everyone an item specified by ID rather than hand item
    Known Bugs (report in discussion)
    • None

    Additional info

    If you need help just ask in the discussion section!

    Note: I recommend using some item formatting plugins like simple-rename and endless-enchant to format your giveaway items first

    Giveall should work fine with all versions as it contains no version dependent code, but may break with some versions.

    Be sure to check out my other resources!

Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. mugurvlad46
    Version: V1.1.1
    it's good but needs update or needs to help me. i don't know why the folder with the config.yml named "GiveAll" don't shows and i can't do updates.... i need to make more updates... please help me with that, it seems like an bug.. thanks!
  2. TheBomb
    Version: V1.1.1
    Fab! Love this plugin :D just what I was looking for keep up the good work my friend :D love to see more plugigs like u off this I recommend u add bungecord support tho :D
  3. MaxGenre
    Version: V1.1.1
    Thanks for the idea :P
  4. ridalarry
    Version: V1.1.1
    AMAZING plugin
    1. D4n13lH
      Author's Response
      Thanks :D
  5. bestinworld532
    Version: V1.1.0
    Excelent plugin
    1. D4n13lH
  6. NightWalkerZed
    Version: V1.0.4
    Wonderful, make more unique basic command plugins like this! Like... /anvil .... and /furnace.... or other things !!! :D
    1. D4n13lH
      Author's Response
      Ok, though I do believe /anvil & /furnace have been made before :)
  7. Hex_27
    Version: V1.0.3
    A basic plugin most servers should have. It would be great if this was in a pack of commands, though
    1. D4n13lH
      Author's Response
      Yeah, I'm gonna be working on a plugin like that so I'll be sure to include /giveall in it! Thanks :)