GiveAll 0.0.6

A present for all!

  1. BlitzGamer88
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    • 1.19
    Source Code:

    GiveAll is a plugin that allows you to give items and money using simple commands.


    - Ability to give items and money.
    - Ability to give items you hold in hand.
    - Ability to give items and money per world or in a radius.
    - If no amount is provided, the player will get a stack (max stack size of that item)
    - PlaceholderAPI support
    - Vault support (for money)
    - 99% configurable messages


    - Java 11+
    - PlaceholderAPI
    - Vault


    Code (Text):

    /giveall help
    /giveall reload
     /giveall <material> [amount]
     /giveall world <world> <material> [amount]
     /giveAll radius <radius> <material> [amount]
     /giveall hand [world/radius]
     /giveall money <amount> [world/radius]
    /giveall xp <amount>L [world/radius]
    Alias: /gall


    Code (Text):

    - giveall.use
    - giveall.use.radius
    - giveall.use.hand
    - giveall.use.xp
    - giveall.reload
    - giveall.receive

    nothing yet. feel free to leave suggestions and report bugs in the discussions tab.

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