GiveAll 0.0.4

A very powerful give-all plugin with hand, radius, world and money functionalities!

  1. BlitzGamer88
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:

    GiveAll is a plugin that allows you to give items and money using simple commands.


    - Ability to give items and money.
    - Ability to give items you hold in hand.
    - Ability to give items and money per world or in a radius.
    - If no amount is provided, the player will get a stack (max stack size of that item)
    - PlaceholderAPI support
    - 99% configurable messages


    - PlaceholderAPI
    - Vault


    Code (Text):

     /giveAll [material] <amount>
     /giveAll world [world] [material] <amount>
     /giveAll radius [radius] [material] <amount>
     /giveAll hand <world/radius>
     /giveAll money [amount] <world/radius>
     /giveAll reload
    /giveAll help
    Alias: /gall


    Code (Text):

    - giveall.use
    - giveall.use.radius
    - giveall.use.hand
    - giveall.use.all
    - giveall.reload
    - giveall.receive
    Default Config:


    This plugin uses PDM so the jar size can be 80KB instead of 2MB.
    This will create a PluginLibraries folder in your plugins directory where all necessary libraries will be downloaded.

    nothing yet. feel free to leave suggestions and report bugs in the discussions tab.

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