GiveAway Plugin 1.0

A very simple plugin that lets players give stuff away

  1. Drakonn
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.12
    I completely custom plugin. To my knowledge you can't find anything like this online. Relatively simple plugin that allows players to start giveaways and any player to enter. After 60 seconds (customize-able) a winner is chosen out of everyone that entered.

    Key features:
    - Config options for all messages
    - Supports all items enchants ect.
    - Tested and working in 1.12.x and 1.8.x

    (If you want it in a different version of Minecraft or have any issues message me on discord Drakonn#0726 and I will be happy to help)

    Terms Of Use
    - You CANNOT claim this plugin is your own
    - You CAN edit source code if proper credit is given to any edited versions
    - You CANNOT sell this plugin unless my explicit permission is given however you can give it away if proper credit is given (Must include "plugin by drakonn" in legible text somewhere on the message/page (if you would like to sell this as part of a server please contact me on the discord above first for my permission)
    - You CAN republish this plugin if a link to this page is provided
    - You CAN include this plugin in any video content you wish

    Permission Nodes
    - giveaway.use (needed to use any giveaway commands)
    - giveaway.start (needed to start a giveaway)
    - giveaway.enter (needed to enter the giveaway)

    - /giveaway help (shows a help menu)
    - /giveaway start (starts a giveaway)
    - /giveaway confirm (confirm starting a giveaway)
    - /giveaway view (brings up a gui with currently running giveaway item)
    - /giveaway enter (enters the current giveaway)

    Command Aliases
    - /ga (abbreviation for /giveaway)