GiveMeOp - Lite 1.4.6

Hate Players Joining and asking for OP? Well this is the plugin for you!

  1. TotalDev

    This plugin was made to be able to fool other players into thinking that they have Op. This is more of a for-fun plugin, but was created specifically for those players who come on your server and ask for Op as soon as they join. Since just sending them a simple message telling them that they were Op didn't seem fun enough, this plugin comes with the ability to spawn mobs next to the player. Included with the plugin is a config file allowing changes to whether mobs should spawn, the type of mob, and the amount.​

    GiveMeOp - Premium
    Will be hopefully released within the next week! It will have a lot more features that this lite version!

    • Fake giving players Op.
    • Spawn mobs next to the player you fake giving op to. (Configurable)
    Setting Up The Plugin:
    1. Copy GiveMeOp.jar into your server's plugin directory.
    2. Reload/Restart your server to load the plugin for the first time.
    3. Navigate to "plugins/GiveMeOp/config.yml" and configure it to your desire.
    4. Add necessary permissions to your permissions file (If applicable).
    5. Reload/Restart your server to load the plugin with your new config.
    < Command - Usage - Aliases >
    /GiveOp [Player] Fakes giving op to specified player. /gop, /go
    /GiveOp help Shows help message. /gop, /go



    Supported Mob Types
    # GiveMeOp Configuration File
    # Should mobs be spawned by the player? Defaults to true.
    SpawnMobByPlayer: true

    # What type of mob should be spawned? Defaults to zombie. Zombie is used if MobType is invalid.
    # Only applicable if SpawnMobByPlayer is true.
    # Valid creatures: creeper, skeleton, spider, giant, slime, ghast, pig_zombie, enderman
    # Valid creatures: cave_spider, silverfish, blaze, magma_cube, witch, zombie

    MobType: zombie

    # How many mobs should be spawned by player? Defaults to 5.
    # Only applicable if SpawnMobByPlayer is true.

    MobAmount: 5

    # Do not mess with config version.
    Version: 1.0

    Setting Up The Config:
    1. Set SpawnMobByPlayer to either true or false. Setting this to true will make mobs spawn at the players location.
    2. Set the MobType to one of the Supported Mob Types. (Make sure to keep it exact spelling, and lowercase!)
    3. Set MobAmount to how many mobs you would like to spawn next to the player.
    4. Save the config.yml, and reload.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Palmrocker
    Version: 1.1
    This plug-in would be great but I want to improve in order to press the menu without Type name players are easy to use plugin.
    1. TotalDev
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the Review! I will implement that update in v2.0 for sure!
  2. EnderSandman
    Version: 1.0
    This is great! This happens on my server all the time and these players are shocked when you won't give them op. I normally have to ban these players as they start to threaten to hack the server. It would be cool to add a feature that runs a particular command the next time they try to run any command. I would love to set it up so these players ban themselves the very next command they run.
    1. TotalDev
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the positive review! And thanks for your feedback, I might have to implement this into the next update :)