GiveMeSomeSpace (aka ForceField) 3.5.0

good tool for builder/admin/mod (I'm working! give me some space!)

  1. vk2gpz
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    This plugin will allow you to have some space around you by pushing nearby entities away.

    It is very useful for server builders, moderators, admins to do some quick building work without being bothered by nearby players/entities.

    • /gmss help help : displays a help menu
    • /gmss reload : reloads config.yml
    • /gmss on|off : turn on/off the repel mode.
    • /gmss set <radius> : sets the radius of repel

    • givemesomespace.reload : allows you to use the reload command
    • givemesomespace.use : allows you to use the /gmss command
    • givesomespace.bypass : prevents being repelled.
    just drop GiveMeSomeSpace.jar into the plugins folder.

    Code (Text):
      ErrorMsg : "&c[GMSS] : Some error occured."
      RepelModeSet: "&a[GMSS] : Your repel mode is set to &e%status%"
      RadiusSet: "&a[GMSS] : Your repel radius is set to &e%radius%"

        msg: "=== &e[&aGiveMeSomeSpace Commands List (%version%)&e] &r==="
        msg: "&a/gmss help : displays this help menu."
        msg: "&a/gmss reload : reloads config file."
        permission: "givemesomespace.reload"
        msg: "&a/gmss debug <true|false> : turn on / off the debug mode."
        permission: "givemesomespace.debug"
        msg: "&a/gmss on|off : turn on / off the repel mode."
        permission: "givemesomespace.use"
        msg: "&a/gmss set <radius> : sets the radius of repel."
        permission: "givemesomespace.use"

    Rdius: 5
    Velocity: 0.3

    # if passive repel is set to "true", when other players approach the repeller
    # even if the repeller is stational, players will be forced to move back.
    # this process might put extra stress on the server, so please use it carefully.
    PassiveRepel : false

    # Uncomment the following option "InvalidWorlds:" if you want to prevent the forcefield
    # to be used in certain world.
    #  - pvp
    It would be greatly appreciated for your donation to continue providing support for this plugin.


Recent Reviews

  1. hadgebury
    Version: 3.5.0
    Simply, Grand, This Feature Has Helped Myself And My Staff So Much. Keep Up The Great Work :)
  2. SomeCookiesEh
    Version: 3.3.0
    Great plugin! Truly deserves 5 stars!
    I would like a feature to where if you hold an "Admin Stick", it will automatically activate the force field.
    Also, Bypass Permission does not work. Radius is misspelled in config. I would like a MaxRadius config as well because players can set it to 1000000 and crash the server.
  3. JJpro321
    Version: 3.2.0
    It's an ok forcefield plugin, except from when the person that has the forcefield is afk/stops the forcefield de-activates. This might not be a big problem but it might be an idea if you could enable/disable that option in the config.
  4. Abge
    Version: 3.2.0
    Hi I like your plugin but the name is a little bit cheap. I woud name it like iProtect or something lilke this idk. xD
    1. vk2gpz
      Author's Response
      Do I lose one start for the naming?? I'm not Steve Jobs.. ;P
  5. iDreamablez
    Version: 2.0.0
    Really nice plugin. Especially when I'm building in front of people. Is there any way to still have the ff active when I'm standing still? When I stand still, the ff is disabled then once I move they go flying away.
  6. davdav45
    Version: 1.1.0
    Love the plugin, but I would like to say a idea! Could you making something so we can set sounds when ever they get pushed back?
    1. vk2gpz
      Author's Response
      sound when player get pushed back? hmm i will put on my todo list but priority is not that high though..