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GiveMyHead v1.3.1

Spawn your head and others with only one command.

  1. CrystalDev
    This is a simple plugin for spawnear your head in your inventory easily with a command and perms

    - /myhead | myhead.use
    - /myead <player> (The player must be connected) | myhead.use

    No perm
    /myhead <player> (The player must be connected)


    • Do not distribute.
    • Not copy the code.
    • I am not required to perform updates. (But if I do)
    • I offer support only via spigot.
    • If you find bugs report me.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Roissica
    Version: v1.3
    Good plugin, VERY GOOD communication !
    1. CrystalDev
      Author's Response
      Thank You very much! ;)