Glass Drop 2.0

Glass will drop when you break them, compatible with all types of 1.8 glass

  1. robertforyou
    This plugin helps you with one of the minecraft problems. That's when you break glass, it disappear.

    This plugin make it so glass will drop when breaked, and it's compatible with all glass types from 1.8!

    Also the glass doesn't drop if it's breaked from gamemode 1(creative)!

    • Put GlassDrop.jar to your /plugins folder
    • Restart your server
    • You are done!
    Donate if you want to motivate me to make other skripts. Also i'm planning to launch a report system with accept, close the report and more. The skript is already done, it's need just some modifications, in some hours or tomorrow it will be done!

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Recent Reviews

  1. Azurda
    Version: 2.0
    Freaking awesome. Thanks for making it free :D Otherwise I have to buy the $5 one, and currency exchange rates suck over here!

    Thanks again!
  2. Adnurmal
    Version: 2.0
    Love it!
    1. robertforyou
      Author's Response
      Thank you