GlassSmash 1.1.0

Break glass with CrackShot weapons for a configurable amount of time

  1. Voidev
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9

    This plugin is a CraskShot extension. You are required to download CrackShot for this plugin to work.

    What does this plugin do?
    It basically breaks glass panes when they get hit by a projectile fired by a CrackShot weapon. Then, after a configurable amount of time, the glass pane is replaced.

    • Works with all CrackShot weapons
    • Break glass panes when hit by a CrackShot weapon
    • Remembers the glass panes' color
    • Option to only break non-stained glass panes
    • Replace the broken panes after a configurable amount of time
    • Replaces all broken panes on server restart / reload
    • Configurable update delay (see config)
    • Language configuration
    • Configuration master reload command

    • /gsreload - reloads all configuration files. Aliases: glasssmashreload, gsr

    1. Download CrackShot here
    2. Download GlassSmash
    3. Place both .jar files in your plugins folder
    4. Restart the server

    Code (Text):

      # The time (in ticks) it takes for a broken block to be replaced
      # NOTE: All blocks will be replaced at server restart / reload
      respawn-time: 200

      # The time (in ticks) to wait between checks for blocks that have to be replaced
      # Determines the accuracy of the respawn time, but also the lag
      update-delay: 5

      # Defines whether to also break stained glass panes
      accept-stained: true
    Code (Text):
    # You can use the ampersand (&) to mark the start of a color code
    # To mark a message as "not-send-me", place a hashtag (#) in front of the line, like so:
    #   init: "&aReloading config files..."
    #   ->
    #   #init: "&aReloading config files..."


        # Sent to the command sender of /gsreload when the config files are about to be reloaded
        init: "&aReloading config files..."

        # Sent to the command sender of /gsreload after the config files have been reloaded
        finish: "&aSuccess!"

    • Configuration reload command
    • Exclude specifically colored panes
    • Permission system
    • Weapon-specific glass breaking
    • German translation
    • ... Suggest your ideas here!

    If you've found a bug or just want general support, please visit
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Recent Updates

  1. Update 1.1.0: Language config + /gsreload