GliderHop (No longer updating) - Use my force plugin to super jump instead :P 1.0.2

Players able to super jump while using Elytra

  1. forseth11
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    Glider Hop adds two new mechanics:
    1. Super jump while wearing an Elytra
    2. Admin Elytra fly
    To super jump first wear an elytra then look up and left click. Make sure you do not left click air. To activate the elytra, wait until you begin to fall then press double space in survival mode.

    To fly forever simply stay 6 blocks above the ground and GliderHop will keep your velocity up.

    - GliderHop.use: Use the super jump
    - GliderHop.skipCooldown: Skip the cool down between super jumps
    - Be able to fly forever with an Elytra

    requireElytra: true - Requires you to wear an elytra to use super jump
    coolDownSeconds: 10 - Cool down in seconds between jumps
    velocity: 3.0 - The upward velocity for the super jump
    flySpeed: 1.0 - The speed you get while flying if you have admin fly.
    flyAboveGround: - How many blocks above the ground you must be for the super fly to keep going.

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Recent Updates

  1. Fly permission fixed
  2. Added Metrics