GlitchPatcher 0.5.1 BETA

GlitchPatcher try help your server patch unfixed glitch/dupe, before Mojang patch it.

  1. exel80
    What is GlitchPatcher? GlitchPatcher try help you temporally patch unfixed glitch/dupe, before Bukkit or Mojang patch it. I will update plugin every time when I get glitch successfully patched.
    If you know any unfixed glitch, you can send it to my PM or post it to the comment.

    OldBukkit thread:



    • Commands + Permissions.
    • Patch 2 glitches: Iron Door, Anvil stack enchanting.
    • Disable in-game commands (ex. /op, /deop, /plugin, /pl)
    • Enable/Disable glitch fix feature.


    Fixed glitches and details

    • Iron Door: If player break (use hand to break it) the iron door (bottom) it's not drop the iron door.
    • Anvil stack enchanting: If player enchant example stack of cookie all 64 item get enchanted.
    Todo List
    • Glowstone "xray"
    • Auto-Update


    Commands & Permissions
    Command | Description | Permission
    /gp reload | Reload GlitchPatcher config | glitchpatcher.reload

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  1. 0.5.1 BETA