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Get back the global tablist

  1. CodeCrafter47
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    Get back the global tablist

    This is a simple plugin for BungeeCord to get back the global userlist which has been disabled in the 1.8 protocol update. It just shows the players and allows for some header/footer. If you want more control over the tablist use my other plugin BungeeTabListPlus.

    • BungeeCord build #996 or above
    • Yamler
    Code (Text):
    # This is the config file of GlobalTabList,
    # An innovative and fast tablist plugin
    # Variables you can use in header, footer and custom slots:
    #  - {player} will be replaced with the name of the player
    #  - {ping} ping of the player
    #  - {newline} will insert a linebreak, only in header and footer
    #  - {server} the server the player is playing on
    #  - {online} total number of players online
    #  - {online_<server>} numbers of players on a specific server, <server> must be replaced wit the name of the server
    #  - {max} maximum amount of players that may connect to this bungee instance
    #  - {shown_max} player maximum as shown to clients in the server list
    #  - {redis_online} if using RedisBungee the amount of players online on your network
    #  - {redis_online_<server>} amount of players on a specific server if using RedisBungee

    # true: global tablist
    # false: server unique tablist
    useGlobalTablist: true
    # whether ping is sent to clients
    # setting this to false can help you reducing network traffic
    updatePing: false
    # Whether to send header/footer to the clients or not
    showHeaderFooter: true
    # This text will be shown above the tablist on 1.8 clients
    header: '&6Welcome &f{player}'
    # This text will be shown below the tablist on 1.8 clients
    footer: '&'
    # Whether to pass through display names retrieved from bukkit/ spigot
    # if enabled you can get tab colors using a plugin like TabPrefixes(
    # NOTE: only 1.8 clients will be able to see the colored names
    forwardDisplayNames: true
    # Shows players on other servers as spectators
    # This makes it easy to tell who's on the same server as you
    # This also fixes a bug in spectator mode where players
    # on other servers show up in the teleport to list
    showPlayersOnOtherServersAsSpectators: true
        # On 1.7 clients this replaces the missing header and footer.
        # You can add some custom text slots at the top of the player list
        - '&6Welcome'
        - '&6{player}'
        - '&6to our server'
        - ''
        - ''
        - ''
    Source Code:
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Recent Reviews

  1. motz
    Version: 1.12
    excellent plugin, works very well even on waterfall bungeecord proxys.
    It's just simple and perfect.
  2. lewis2471
    Version: 1.11
    I can't find the config file! A file for the plugin is not being generated in the bungee plugins folder
    1. CodeCrafter47
      Author's Response
      Please check the proxy log file for error messages during startup. The plugin will tell you what's wrong.
  3. macabrox
    Version: 1.10
    My players were getting annoyed with the Skyblock we run and had stopped playing all together... until I installed this! Not only are they back to building their islands but having it enabled in the main world has caused a surge of activity too! Thanks!
  4. Kraser7_Dev
    Version: 1.9
    Really good but plas can you add a ping variable this is very useful ªWª .............................
    1. CodeCrafter47
      Author's Response
      A bit late, but there's ping variable now.
  5. LimitedGames
    Version: 1.7
    Again, its a really good plugin But i have found a bug i did not find earlyer, If someone is on your server and disconects the name stil be showen at the tablist. its only when you reconnect or go to an other server on the Network that the name disepears (Sorry for my bad english, im Dutch)
    1. CodeCrafter47
      Author's Response
      Do you have ip-forwarding disabled?
  6. Arnie
    Version: 1.7
    Amazing plugin! Is there a way I can make it say the players prefix next to their name or their rank?
    1. CodeCrafter47
      Author's Response
  7. Sollembum78
    Version: 1.7
    Works great. But can you add option to exclude some servers from the list, like hub server for example?
  8. Cawn
    Version: 1.7
    Awesome plugin, I have a suggestion though. I know this is a simple plugin, but would it be possible to add a way to set a colour for each server?

    For example, we have Towny, Prison and Kingdoms on our server. I wanted to make it so Towny players would have green names in tab, Prison players have purple names and Kingdoms players have red.
    1. CodeCrafter47
      Author's Response
      Something like that is not planned.
  9. jet315
    Version: 1.7
    Probably the best tab list plugin out there. Very simple and looks very clean. Rated 4/5 becuase when using RedisBungee it only displays players on your proxy. Would rate 5/5 if it worked and displayed players on all bungee's when using RedisBungee
  10. HyDevelopment
    Version: 1.6
    Hello, I have a bungeenetwork and we want to have a global tablist (What your plugin does), but when we enabled "bungeecord: true" in spigot.yml the plugin stopped working, The spigot.yml bungeecord section has to be true on our server in order to make some other things we have work. Is this the reason or is there another reason that I am missing? Please reply!
    1. CodeCrafter47
      Author's Response
      can you be more specific about "plugin stopped working"?