GlobalTitle - unsupported

Set a custom global title which is placed in front of all player chat.

  1. Derugo
    GlobalTitle enables server owners to set a global title which is placed before all player sent chat messages. It is a nice feature that allows to label/represent something such as; The server the player is on (if on a network); The year/month; A funky word/message or number.

    Default Title:

    Command: /globaltitle <title> | /gt <title>
    Permission: globaltitle.use

    You are able to change the format of the title in the config. For example, you can set it to be '&5(&r<title>&5)&r' instead of the default '&8[&r<title>&8]&r'

    You can use numbers, letters and symbols in titles.

    The plugin is compatible with most, if not all chat formatting plugins. Most notably EssentialsChat and does not interfere.

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