GlobalWho 3.0

A configurable bungee who

  1. cindy_k

    A bungee who that allows you to configure which servers are displayed to the user and allows you to color user name based on bungee permission groups if you desire.


    GlobalWho.user : allows the use of the /gwho command or /gwho (server)
    GlobalWho.admin : allows the use of all the administration commands.


    /gwho (server)
    /globalwho (server)
    Displays the configured servers to the user
    Permission required: GlobalWho.user

    /gwaddserver (servername)
    Adds a server to the list to be displayed
    Permission required: GlobalWho.admin
    /gwremoveserver (servername)
    Remove a server from list
    Permission required: GlobalWho.admin
    Shows a list of the servers configured to display
    Permission required: GlobalWho.admin

    /gwaddgroupcolor (group) (color)
    Add a group to be colored
    WARNING: if you type in a group that doesn't exist, bungee will add it to your config. There is a PR to fix this, but until its fixed, you may want to be careful.
    Permission required: GlobalWho.admin

    /gwremovegroup (group)
    Removes a group you had set to be colored.
    Permission required: GlobalWho.admin
    Other Details:

    The plugin will create a config.yml in a plugin folder. You shouldn't need to edit the file directly, since in game commands are available for you.

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed 2 small issues

Recent Reviews

  1. AeSix
    Version: 3.0
    Great plugin! Still works without issue with Bungee (and Waterfall) for 1.13.2... probably will work with 1.14 too! :)

    The only suggestions I have:
    Allow it to override /glist so that it can be used in lieu of Bungee's own.
    Add the permissions needed to colorize names by group, for using it with a Bungee Permissions Management System/
  2. Hugmanrique
    Version: 2014-08-28
    Love it! But you could add BungeePerms support for the colores tags.
    1. cindy_k
      Author's Response
      That's a good idea. I will get BungeePerms and look at it.