GlowFeller 1.2.0

Shoot down nether glowstone structures for easier gathering

  1. OffLuffy
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    • 1.12
    • 1.13
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    Update v1.2.0 has quite a few changes. I'll re-do the overview page here when I have time, but the config should be commented up enough to explain everything!



    GlowFeller is a simple plugin designed primarily for semi-vanilla servers. It has no dependencies, no permissions, no commands, no config; just a simple functionality for servers who wish to make harvesting glowstone a little easier.

    What's it for?
    This plugin allows players to use a bow and arrow to shoot glowstone in the Nether (and only in Nether environments) causing the hit blocks to break and drop glowstone dust as if broken naturally.

    Additionally, when hanging glowstone structures are completely detached from Nether blocks, the remaining connected structure will fall down, allowing them to be harvested more easily (unless perhaps it falls in lava). Structures will only fall if a block is broken by an arrow! They will NOT fall if broken with anything else and will not effect existing structures.

    Future Plans
    I've intentionally designed this plugin to be very simple and for a very specific purpose. That's not to say I'm against adding additional features! If you have an idea to make this plugin better, let me know! I could make affected worlds configurable, effective projectiles as well, etc, but it's not on the to-do list currently.

    • If you have a generator that makes massive glowstone structures, this plugin isn't recommended. I do limit the number of iterations when searching for connected glowstone, but this is only built with the intention of being used on vanilla Nether worlds.
    • Occasionally, ghost blocks may remain after being broken with an arrow. This may only be a problem with certain version of Spigot. Reloading the chunk or right-clicking ghost blocks usually fixes this and is generally a client-side bug.
    • As glowstone structures are hitting the ground, some blocks may overlap, causing them to break instead of reform as a block, also dropping dust as if broken naturally. Although this is an unintended side-effect, I quite like it, so I have no intention of attempting to fix it.
    • Know of another bug? Let me know!


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  1. Achaius
    Version: 1.2.0
    Your plugin works great! Really helpful in the nether, players will get spoiled, LOL, thank you!
    1. OffLuffy
      Author's Response
      You're welcome, and thank you!