Glowstone 2021.7.0

open source Minecraft server implementing Spigot API

  1. mastercoms
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Glowstone developers
    Glowstone is an open source Minecraft server with the goal of maximum plugin compatibility, including Spigot 1.12.2 plugin support, performance and customization.

    Additional information including instructions and documentation are available on the website.

    Latest builds are available from our CI server.

    The jar can be executed using 'java -jar glowstone.jar', and Spigot/Bukkit/Paper plugins loaded from the 'plugins' directory, as usual.

Recent Updates

  1. 2021.7.0
  2. 2018.9.0
  3. 2018.2.0

Recent Reviews

  1. Angrynerd
    Version: 2017.9
    After seeing this i was kind of skeptical but to no supprise it works almost flawlessly with most plugins (except essentials x). Mastercoms your work here is amazing as is all your other projects.
    1. mastercoms
      Author's Response
      Thanks, glad to hear it's been working well for you!
  2. WardleDeBoss
    Version: 1.11.2
    It's great! I see this going places, Just some of the plugins I wanted to use requested Minecraft 1.11.2 and from your website I can see it's custom coded with input from the public? But I shall have no problem finding a Glowstone compatible plugin that does what I need!
    1. mastercoms
      Author's Response
      Thanks! And yes it is completely custom coded. For plugins that use Minecraft code, we are working on Linkstone which redirects Minecraft code to Glowstone code. But that's a long way away. We want to first have a complete server.
  3. sync667
    Version: 1.8.9
    :) Going fast and in future. See changes soon and hope full working server implementation. Glowstone ++
    1. mastercoms
      Author's Response
      Thank you! :)
  4. Sidias
    Version: 1.8.9
    Viele Plugins die mal etwas tiefer gehen funktionieren schlicht damit nicht. Man kann es also nur einsetzen wenn man keine all zu komplexen Plugins benutzt. Schade.
    1. mastercoms
      Author's Response
      Welche Plugins nicht funktionieren? Welche Plugins nicht? Sagen Sie in den Foren. (bad google translate)