[GM4] Enderman Support Class [1.7 + 1.8+] 1.0

This plugin will make Endermen increase the danger of mobs around them!

  1. sethrem
    This plugin is based on the Enderman Support Class module from Gamemode 4.

    As passive mobs, Enderman aren't too much of a problem in a world provided you don't make eye contact. Want to make them more dangerous? This plugin turns Endermen into a support class for other mobs. Endermen will give special potion effects to mobs within 25 blocks to make those mobs more dangerous until the Enderman is killed or moves away!
    An Enderman will cause most hostile mobs within a radius of 25 blocks to gain potion effects or attributes. The effects run out on the mobs as soon as the enderman is killed or moves out of range.

    Code (Text):

    #task-run-interval = Time In 1/20th's of a tick for the bat grenade timer check to run (20 = Default) (20 = 1 second) *The Higher The Less Resource Intensive*
    task-run-interval: 20
    #ender-support-worlds = The Worlds That The Enderman Support Class are Enabled in
      - world


    This plugin is extremely light-weight which is great for big and small servers!
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Recent Reviews

  1. dyenxunit
    Version: 1.0
    do the generator addon next pwez. keep up the good work
    1. sethrem
      Author's Response
      Thanks. But which one is the generator addon?