[GM4] Undead Players [1.7 + 1.8+] 1.3

This plugin adds an interesting feature to the death mechanic in Minecraft.

  1. sethrem
    This plugin is based on the Undead Players module from Gamemode 4.

    This plugin adds an interesting feature to the death mechanic in Minecraft. Upon death, players will spawn an "Undead Player" Zombie, capable of picking up the dropped armour and weapons of the player. This means those items are less likely to despawn, but you may have to fight to get those items back!

    Undead players are spawned at the player's death point. They are never babies or villagers and can always pick up loot and wear armour around them.


    Code (Text):

    #undead-player-name = Name of the zombie that spawns when a player dies (%pname% will generate the players name who died) (Chat Color Support use '&')
    undead-player-name: "&cUndead %pname%"
    #undead-player-maxhealth = Max health of the Undead player who spawns(Zombie will spawn with undead-player-maxhealth/undead-player-maxhealth HP) (Default = 20)
    undead-player-maxhealth: 20
    #undead-player-support-worlds = The Worlds That Undead Players are Enabled in
      - world

    This plugin is extremely light-weight which is great for big and small servers!
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Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. Jandy_CZ
    Version: 1.3
    It doesn't work for me ... It doesn't spawn the zombie after death. I have skript for reducing spawning other creatures, than zombies, but i do not thik, that this is error..
    1. sethrem
      Author's Response
      This plugin isn't version dependent, it uses basic bukkit API methods, it's obviously your other plugins that are doing this.
  2. tigerroaring
    Version: 1.2
    Nice plugin. Keep up the updates and I made a server with GM4 plugins thanks to you and inventivetalent
    1. sethrem
      Author's Response
      Thanks :D Hopefully more people enjoy these plugins.