gMoney 1.8 - 1.5

The gMoney is a plugin for economy, use Vault API or No

  1. gamestdai
    The gMoney plugin is a plugin for economy, but not a normal economy. The gMoney have as disable or enable Vault use.


    • /money - Create Account or Check your money.
    • /money <player> - Look player money.
    • /money give <player> <money> - Give money to a player.
    • /money pay <player> <money> - Send money to a player.
    • /money set <player> <money> - Set money to a player.
    • /money reset <player> - Reset player account.
    • /money converter <plugin> - Convert plugins of economy to gMoney economy.
    • /money top - Look 5 rich of server.
    • /money permissions - Look all permissions.
    • /money help - All Commands And Your Description.

    Put the plugin in the plugins folder, restart the server and enjoy! xD


    soft dependencies:

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Recent Reviews

  1. Mr_Redstone_19
    Version: 1.8 - 1.5
    I like gMoney. Its the best Coinsystem. But it disconnect every 20 hours from my database. Please help.