Goat Simulator 0.7

You are a goat. Let your enemies explode

  1. glatteis
    You know Goat Simulator? This is Goat Simulator in Minecraft. Destroy everything. Also, it's pretty buggy.

    How to install:
    Load your most precious world without backup onto the server and move goatsim.jar into the "plugins" folder.

    (Warning: Please do not attempt the above at home. Or anywhere else.)


    1. GS.png

Recent Reviews

  1. TBanks
    Version: 0.7
    The best way to protect your server, and increase performance. TPS = 20! FTW!
  2. NightWalkerZed
    Version: 0.7
    This was hilarious, well done my man! I had some nice fun with it :P To anyone out there wondering. Do not use this on a public server. Use it on a private server with a few friends and a world you don't care too much about :P Have some fun and go goating on!