goBrush 3.0.0

Easy way to terraform using heightmaps

  1. 3.0.0 update

    - added Worldedit integration for //undo //redo and //gmask
    - added a push and pull mode
    - added a 3D mode
    - removed bounding box (//gmask #region) and mountain mode
    - optimised placing of blocks with Fast async WorldEdit
    - fixed PlotSquared problems
    - removed internal heightmap with a better system for less RAM usage
    - heightmaps should be a lot more smooth now
    - added 3 heightmaps for better use...
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  2. 2.0 Update

    - fully recoded thanks to Jeffrey

    - added pages for more than 53 brushes

    - added brush previews in the lore of the brushes

    - added limit bypass permissions

    - added command to export/create new brushes
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