God Commands (Troll / Play With Hackers) 1.2

Blind, Launch and Bury Your Victim!

  1. digdiggydigger
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    This Plugin Provides Commands For You To Either Troll Your Friends Or To Scare Your Victim! You Can:

    • Bury! - Bury Your Player Underground! (Be Careful You CAN Suffocate Down There!)
    • Launch! - Throw Your Player As high As You Want!
    • Daze! - Daze Your Victim! (Blindness + Nausea + Slowness)
    • Explode! - Cause An EXPLOSION!!!
    • Heal! - Heals the Specified Player!
    • Call A Zombie Horde! - Spawns A Zombie HORDE Around The Player!
    • Ignite! - Sets A Player on Fire!
    • Call Up The Pests (Silverfish:D) - Silverfish Get Spawned Around The Player!
    • Root! - Player Cant Move!
    • Smite! - Player Gets Struck With Lighting!
    You Can Do ALL This To Your Victim!


    1. Bury = /bury <Player> <Depth>
    2. Launch = /launch <Player> <Height>
    3. Daze = /daze <Player> <TimeInSeconds>
    4. Explode = /explode <Player>
    5. Heal = /heal <Player>
    6. Horde = <Player> <AmountOfZombies> (You Can Only Spawn The Your Server's Limit)
    7. Ignite = /ignite <Player> <TimeInSeconds>
    8. Pests = /pests <Player> <AmountOfPests> (You Can Only Spawn The Your Server's Limit)
    9. Root = /root <Player> <TimeInSeconds>
    10. Smite = /smite <Player>

    If You Find ANY Bugs Then Please Let Me Know BEFORE Posting A Bad Review! But There Shouldn't be Any! Or Want Me To Add Anything In then Let Me Know! But For Now.. Just Enjoy!
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