God enchantments 1.0 beta

Enchant your weapons with godly powers and exp cost configurable.

  1. azamp19
    With god enchantments you can make your bows and swords op. I understand it may not seem trustworthy with untested next to enchantments but That is for you to do to test it and tell me anything you want me to add or fix because the customer is your top priority always.
    some of our features include:
    -Configurable exp cost
    -This isn't a /enchant plugin this plugin is Custom enchants.
    -Only specific objects can be enchanted.
    Enchantments include:
    Fireball || Launches a fire ball from your sword ||Items compatible Diamond sword and Iron sword.||untested
    lightningbolt || Launches lightning wherever you hit. || Items compatible Diamond sword and Iron sword.||untested
    Machinegun || Launches a volley of arrows until you left click || Items Compatible Bow.||Untested
    GE (Weapon type) (Enchantment) || Use this to enchant your weapons
    Sword || weapon type
    Bow || weapon type;
    -finish developing Flare gun enchantment
    -add more enchantments
    -Any recommendations?
    Other Enchantment plugins I have made:
    ARROW Enchantments
    Please rate this plugin.
    If you find any problems or you would like to request a plugin please contact me at my skype: live:azamp19

Recent Reviews

  1. coolpvpv
    Version: 1.0 beta
    why would you make a plugin and not even test it cause this doesn't work at all thats retarded though so you make a plugin that does stuff but dont even test it to see if it works?
  2. johnc291992
    Version: 1.0 beta
    yet another not working plugin. it does not do what it described in the plugin description at all...whoever down load this resource should check its code/implementation to see how bad it is...
    1. azamp19
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the information please read the description it says untested.