GodItems 1.5.3

Custom items can be found in dungeon chests. When equiped they give the wearer powerful abilities

  1. MitromniZ
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    MitromniZ, Cros_bow

    Fight monsters and explore the world to find custom items, weapons and armors that give unique abilities. All items are customizable from the config file.

    Join our discord server if you need support or if you want to tell us your ideas for God items. Some of them are going to be realised in future updates.

    Like what we do and want to support us? You can donate or just leave a positive feedback. All help is appreciated.

    How to configure:
    1) in the server folder go to plugins
    2) select the GodItems folder
    3) open "config.yml" with text editor and edit the parameters
    4) use "/goditems reload" to activate new parameters


    If there are any problems with the plugin please contact us.

    Current items:

    - Dracula's armor
    obtainable via /getitem draculas_armor
    Sneak and jump to morph into a pack of bats.
    While you are morphed you can not pick or hold items.
    The duration and the cooldown are configurable from config.yml

    - Blood thirst
    obtainable via /getitem blood_thirst
    By default if you get bellow 7 hearts your next atack is going to have a life steal effect.
    You can customize the item from config.yml

    - Cursed Blade
    obtainable via /getitem cursed_blade
    Hitting an entity will curse them(slowness, wither, blindness) for a period of time.
    Duration of curse and cooldown are configurable from config.yml

    - Gladiator's Trident
    obtainable via /getitem gladiators_trident
    When hits an entity, the entity is stunned.
    Be careful - every throw will trigger the cooldown timer, so even if you miss you will have to wait.
    The stun duration and cooldown are configurable from config.yml

    - Armor from the Depths
    obtainable via /getitem armor_from_the_depths
    the command will give you one random piece of armor
    Wearing any peace of this armor will allow you to swim faster.
    Wearing the full set gives you various buffs when in water + you cannot drown with the full set on.

    - Boots of Leaping
    obtainable via /getitem boots_of_leaping
    When pressing (Sneak + Jump) you will leap forward.
    You will take no fall damage while wearing these boots.
    Leap cooldown is configurable from config.yml

    - Might of the Thunder
    obtainable via /getitem thunder_axe
    When hitting an entity a lightning will be summoned, striking the entity with extra damage.
    The damage and the cooldown of the lightning are configurable from config.yml

    - Trickster's Chestplate
    obtainable via /getitem trickster_chestplate
    Hold Sneak to become invisible.
    Be careful - it also removes armor.

    - Crown of the Necromancer
    obtainable via /getitem necromancer_crown
    The wearer is protected from undead attacks.
    When killing an undead the wearer may receive the mob's spawn egg.
    The egg drop chance is configurable from config.yml

    - Shield of the Unmovable
    obtainable via /getitem unmovable_shield
    (Sneak + Right click) will summon a dirt wall in front of you.
    The dimensions of the wall and the cooldown are configurable.

    - Firemage Wand
    obtainable via /getitem fire_wand
    (Left click) to shoot a fireball
    (Right click) to shoot a stream of fire in the direction you are looking at
    (Sneak + Right click) to summon a defensive circle of fire around you
    The cooldowns of all 3 abilities and the basic cooldown(minimum time between abilities) are configurable.

    - Besieger
    obtainable via /getitem getitem besieger
    (Shoot) to shoot explosive arrow
    Cooldown and strength of explosion are configurable.

    - Trickster's bow
    obtainable via /getitem getitem tricksters_bow
    (Shoot) to cause random negative effect cloud where arrow lands
    (Sneak + Shoot) to teleport where arrow lands.
    Both cooldowns, the potion cloud radius and duration and the duration of the given effects are configurable.

    - Druid's Staff
    obtainable via /getitem druids_staff
    (Left Click) to slow down enemies near you*
    (Right Click) to heal yourself
    (Sneak + Right Click) to heal allies near you*
    Enemies are all entities, who attacked you in the recent time. All remaining players are allies.
    The cooldowns of all 3 abilities, the basic cooldown(minimum time between abilities), the time interval for enemies(after that time the enemy becomes ally if doesn't attack you again),
    the ranges for the 1st and 3rd ability and the duration of the abilities are configurable.

    - Hammer of the Underworld
    obtainable via /getitem hammer_of_the_underworld
    (Sneak + Right Click) to push away all entities around
    The range, cooldown and push strength are configurable.

    - Knight Armor
    obtainable via /getitem knight_armor
    When mounted with full set on horse with golden, iron or diamond armor you become invincible.(Warning: if you equip armor on the horse after you have mounted effect may not work)

    - Armor of the Defender
    obtainable via /getitem armor_of_the_defender
    Full set gives you resistance and weakness. When hit hard you will gain absorbtion 1 or 2, depending of the damage taken. No cooldown.

    - Berzerker Axe
    obtainable via /getitem berzerker_axe
    ! Abilities need Berzerker Offhand to be equiped in offhand !
    Smaller recharge interval between hits(almost allows spam-clicking)
    (Sneak + Right Click) to throw axe
    Damage and cooldown for thrown axe are configurable

    - Berzerker Offhand
    Obtainable via /getitem berzerker_offhand
    Unlocks abilities for Berzerker Axe when equipped in offhand.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Minecraft_Pundit
    Version: 1.5.3
    This is a really fun and creative plugin. However it doesn't receive much support from the community. Hopefully we'll see a 1.18 update within the year!
  2. Dakon720
    Version: 1.5.3
    Fantastic, I use these as arena prizes, id like a way to contact this dev and maybe pay him to create custom items for my server
    1. MitromniZ
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the awesome feedback! We are always open for item suggestions on our discord server.