Godlike 1.7

With this command you get some nice potion effects, good for PVP servers!

  1. 1.10.2 update

    Update for the latest 1.10.2 version
  2. 1.9 support

    Just a quick update with full 1.9 support
  3. New config file + code cleanup

    I will now update the plugin again! Hope some of you like it :D

    This update contains
    • New config file (remove old one)
    • The code has been cleaned up a bit
  4. Bugfixes

    Fixed a bug when you have multiple plugins created by me in your server and start it up, you get a lot of errors and only 1 plugins loads.
  5. Config update

    • Small tweaks in the config file

    1. Stop the server
    2. Upload jar file
    3. Delete config (if you allready have one)
    4. Start server again
  6. Config update and colors. REMOVE old config.

    • Changed color when nightvision gets activated to green
    • Changed color when nightvision gets deactived to red
    • Changed color when a user doesn't have the permission to red
    • Cleaned the code a bit
    Remove the old config and restart the server, DON'T RELOAD IT!
  7. Removed time

    Removed the 30 seconds duration. Once you did "/gl" the effects will stay until you do "/gl" again.