GoinRoundPlus 1.0.0

A simple easy to use plugin to monitor players on a server

  1. john01dav
    A simple easy to use plugin to monitor players on a server

    This is a continuation of md_5's plugin GoinRound. It includes no code from the original version. The only thing taken from the original is the name and the basic idea. I am only creating this plugin because I found the previous plugin useful and there is no currently active project that does the same thing other than this one.

    Isn't it difficult to keep track of what players you've checked and what players you still need to check when attempting to moderate your server -- especially when they are joining and leaving? Well, no more! GoinRoundPlus provides an intuitive way to easily check all players while the plugin manages the hassle of keeping track of which players to check and which players have already been checked.

    How it works:
    The user simply types the command /startcycle and is then teleported to a player. 7 seconds later (configurable) they are teleported to the next player. This cycle repetes until the player who invoked the command has seen all players who were online at the time they invoked the command. If a player leaves during a cycle, the command sender is simply teleported to that player's location at they time the logged off and sent a message in chat to notify them the different terms for that teleport. Whenever the command sender sees something bad, they can jot down the offending player's name and then take appropriate action once the cycle ends. The player is also able to fly, regardless of game mode, during the cycle so that they may better observe what is happening.

    GoinRoundPlus is also a vanishing plugin. It implements it's own /vanish command that will, by default, override Essentials'. Essentials' command can still be accessed with /evanish -- although it is recommended to negate Essentials' vanish permission for everyone as having multiple vanish plugins compete can't ever be a good thing. GoinRoundPlus's vanishing system is also slightly better than Essentials' because it has a usable API and more thoroughly hides the player by preventing them from picking up items and preventing monsters from targeting them. Optionally, via a config.yml setting, the plugin vanishes every player doing a cycle and sets their vanish state to whatever it was before the cycle started when it ended.

    All permissions default to OP.
    goinroundplus.start: Allows use of /startcycle
    goinroundplus.donotwatch: Prevents a player from being included in a cycle
    goinroundplus.vanishbypass: Allows a player to see vanished players
    goinroundplus.vanish: Allows /vanish

    GoinRoundPlus is open source and licensed under the New BSD 3-Clause License. The source and full license text are available at GitHub.
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