Gold Nugget to ingot 1.0

Turn your gold nuggets to ingot & Blocks

  1. SuperDankle
    Ingot is a simple plugin which enables a user to execute a command to transform their Golden Nuggets into Gold ingots, and then into Gold blocks.

    Our plugin is generally aimed at the servers that handle Pig-man spawners, It allows users to transform the materials in matter of seconds.

    ingot.use - Simply add it to the groups you want to use the plugin.

    If they're any bugs please let me know so i can fix it as soon as possible.

    To do:
    We are going to add separate permissions for certain materials, For example ingot.use.Iron.

Recent Reviews

  1. Sciz
    Version: 1.0
    A plugin like this was in high demand on the Skyblock server I work for. This satisfied them greatly. Nice one, mate. :)
  2. topleN17
    Version: 1.0
    1. SuperDankle
      Author's Response
      to some users it is, if you read the description it generally aimed at Skyblock servers.

      ( pentru unii utilizatori , este , dacă ai citit descrierea în general, cu scopul de servere Skyblock . ) Google Translator!